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Friday, April 10, 2015

Why did it take so long to hear...

A symphony of birds is sounding outside my window today
The entire universe is singing: spring is here to stay
Wonderful assortments of melodies and beautiful songs I hear
I have only to open up my window to transform this atmosphere

Calming colors of the Spring are stretching out across the land
Budding trees are singing out and the quiet ones understand
Leaves are unfolding in our sight, their green splashing round
What an array of artisty in this world  of ours is found...

Sometimes, we,with all our busy-ness. can miss the subtle joys
And we're drowning out the symphony with our un-creative noise
But comes a time when we all must  stop to see the world around
And then we'll  wonder why it took so long to hear creation's sound

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