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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We're not meant to be crowd followers

There is always a temptation to become angry
to take on the less noble of ways
But we will always have before us the graces
to resist this in the toughest of days
For we're not being ruled by some animal instincts
but by an act of our God given will
We should not be giving into  these unkindly impulses
no matter the brokenness we may feel

For we are children of the Greatest Eternal
and the children of the Lord God most High
No matter how much we may want to deny it
we have in us the One who created the Sky
So let us dig deep down into our innermost beings
let us step away from the temptation to  noise
And start listening to our own inner spirits
who speak out with the most discerning voice

We are not meant to be the followers of the leader
who will make us all submissive and blind
Nor are we called to become the crowd followers
that will run after every trend that we find
Rather we are called into being our own persons
and into being that presence all around
That will echo the spirit of the One within us
to everyone who is seeking to be found

So let's start being who we were meant to be from the beginning
free from the chains of the crowd
Let us become free from the noisiness of the naysayers
who would silence all the goodness allowed
We must choose the right over all of the wrongness
and the kindliness over all of the hate
We must never become part of the statistics
or among those who are keeping  hours ungodly and late

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