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Thursday, April 23, 2015

We're invited...

Listen to those whispers that are riding on the wind
They're speaking of the Eternal and touching us deep within
They're carrying all of the sorrows of a people far away
Listen to those whisperings and see what they will say

Feel it deep within you that burst of  the shining sun
Its breaking through our morning and illuminating everyone
All of its sacredness is held up inside of its shine
Embrace the dancing sunbeam and you'll dance with the Divine.

Ponder the brightest blueness that is stretching across the sky
How it's painting itself so softly to attract the weary eye
Oh that  marvellous wonder shining out in that abode above
If we search its vast uniqueness we'll understand the depths of Love

Each and every morning from the earliest signs of light
Our souls are being invited into those pathways beautifully bright
But we with all our sluggishness can choose to skip the ride
And fail to see the wisdom that in everything chooses to hide.

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