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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Unalienable rights...

Today, and right now, we're all needing to shout
Prejudice and hatreds all need to get out
It isn't appropriate and it isn't even fair
The way that we're acting: like we don't even care

Our people are dying because of our hate
The power hungry people are creating debate
So, where is the justice and where is the creed
Some people are guilty while others are freed?

Why should it even matter the color of our skin
True justice is justice without and within
Yet we are a nation that's "united and free"?
So, it isn't appropriate: all this fighting we see...

So what is the remedy and what is the cure
For all of this rioting and policing unsure
Coming up with the agreements and coming up with the laws
Prosecuting  the prejudice with the "unalienable clause"..

Too much: all the brutality; and too much, all the force:
We need every single law officer taking a new course
About prejudices and hatreds and how they are wrong
If someone isn't in concordance..then they don't even belong

So, let's clean up our nation and  clean up our pride
There isn't any room for this fighting inside
We're built up on equalities and not upon hate
Let' try to restore us before its getting too late..

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