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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Turn down the noise....

All of the universe and all of the air;
Everything around me, everything everywhere:
Cries out with a sounding, with an echoing Divine
I cannot help but honor it, as though it were a Shrine

Sacred is the music and Immortal is the morn
It touches deep inside me, in the places new and worn
Peacefully it is soothing me and mystically it can heal
The early morning musings are like the Eternity they reveal.

Oh, silence all the media and turn down all the noise
Creation has been summoning with its ever gentle voice
You cannot hear its sounding and you cannot see its joy
If you are busy whirling around its substituting decoy.

So do not be afraid of this  and do not back away
Everything around you has something its wanting to say
You  will have to be entering into it, into this atmosphere
If you would see the Omnipotent and hear what you should hear

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