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Friday, April 17, 2015

This is the beauty

This is the beauty and this is the wonderment
All of the universe and all of the firmament
Exquisite artistry in masterpieces  unqestionable
All of it given  us by the Immortal most Reputable

Even without seeing it and even without hearing it
The beauty around us is presenting us the Infinite
All of the greenery and all of the meadow land
Are echoing a harmony that comes from the promised land

Can we not  fathom it and can we not see it...
The whole of the universe is a gift from the Spirit?
Flowers that are blooming and the leaves that are dying
Are moments that carry God's graces multiplying

So what will we do with it and what will we say
On seeing this vision of this bright beautiful day
Will we even capture it or will we even see
That each second we are breathing  is a second to see?...

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