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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The beauty of springtime

I can hear it, the morning; I can hear all the breezes
Soft whispering winds that can heal all the diseases
Chirpings and soundings and sights all galore
I can hear it,  the created, as I open up my door

I can hear it. the soundings of the earth as she's rising:
Colors of the springtime with soundings so surprising..
Bright ones and gray ones and many shades of green:
A masterpiece is before us, do you know what I mean?

Spring time's upon us and oh, how it is singing
Sparrows and blue jays and squirrels are all springing
See how the created world is livened with weather:
Plantlets and creatures and universe together?

What is more awesome than the awesomeness Eternal
It motivates, inspires and directs us to journal
Poets, and singers and artists of every style
Painting and presenting us with visions worth while

Now is the time for each person to explore it
Within your own dwelling you can ready yourself for it
Listening and pondering and inviting it all:
The beauty of springtime will mesmerize and call.

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