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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sitting here, in the predawn hours...

Sitting here in the predawn hours listening to the space
Creature of the evening hours are romping about the place
Crickets with their finer tunes are playing their last hurrah
joining their melodies to the owl's, who's singing of what he saw

Shadows of the evening fade and soon the night's no more
Beams of sunlight sing and dance; they bright up the floor
Morning sun with all her shine is readying to give her kiss
Rising up we gaze outside, her touch we wouldn't miss..

All the world is waking up beneath the bright blue sky
Everyone is touched inside by the molecules passing by..
Though unnoticed by us all because of how they appear
Each atom of the air we breathe is part of  the atmosphere.

We celebrate the gift of life and we celebrate what  we see
All the creatures, all the clouds, the elements and the sea
Nothing still or moving about... nothing flying or on the ground
Escapes the notice of the spirited ones, we're awe struck all around.

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