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Thursday, April 2, 2015

If Jesus came knocking at our front doors today...

If Jesus was walking the earth today
I wonder I wonder whatever He'd say
Would He turn around and walk away?
Inside of our churches, would He ever stay?.

Would He ever be welcomed just like the rest
Or would He be challenged to pass a test?
If He were so different and His skin so unique
Would He ever be welcomed or allowed to speak?

If He was the Friend of the ones we'd  reject:
Hanging with the cripples and the gays with respect;
Would we be informing Him: we hadn't any room
And treat Him like an outsider, a person we'd doom?

If Jesus came knocking at our front doors today
Would we be able to welcome Him in the right way?
Or would we be too busy and too blind for His grace
Speak of our obligations shut the door in His face?

Each day Jesus comes walking into our new day:
Dressed like a poor one or someone across the way
He steps into our busy-ness and  He asks us for time
But we don't recognize Him, in those garments un-sublime.

So we silence His questioning and turn with a click
Our music is blaring and our door shuts so quick
He stands near our heart space in each person  we see
Will we start welcoming Jesus or   fail Him miserably?

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