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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Exercise yourselves daily in this arena

Reach out now and take hold of that slowly passing breeze
Look up and see that beauty that is splashing above the trees
See now, if you can, the wonder of this waking wonderful universe
And hear them, all of the creatures, that are singing creation's verse

Are you pondering it over:  all of this beauty that is surely ours to have
Do you know that the greatest Eternal has done this, only, to make us glad
So truly loved and blessed we are, to be cared for by the One Who made all this
We are all immersed inside  of so much beauty and inside so much endless bliss

Take time daily to seek out the secrets of the world that we often allow to pass by
Allow yourselves the the wisdom that is crying out to us from both the earth and sky
Silence yourselves enough to hear the things that so many will never come to hear
Exercise yourselves, daily inside this arena of the angels and the Eternal's atmosphere..

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