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Monday, April 13, 2015

Be real

Do not  be making any promises that you don't intend to keep
Don't capture a person's confidences and cause them then to weep
Be the person you're  pretending to be and try not to overly boast
The simple way and truthfulness are qualities that shout out most...

If you would be more respected dear don't push your way around
Be respectful of another's view and let another's shine be found
Humility and the love of God will take you so very far
Remember the silent beauty of an unspeaking sparkling star

There are so many many things that we can have access to today
And a person's status is judged by wealth and by their socializing way
Too often, it is, that we will judge another by the color of their skin
But few there are who see the wealth and beauty that's deep within...

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