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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Angel guardians

In the morning, in the predawn, while the world is still asleep
Angel guardians, quiet spirits, watch about us: vigils keep
Sacred beings, guardian angels, strong protectors of the earth
They're around us and about us, assigned to us from before our birth..

While the sun is still arising and the shadows of the night decrease
Silent soundings from the Heavens echo out the Eternal peace
Hear them singing, all of the angels, from that Heavenly atmosphere
We, the silent, and the listening are the privileged ones who hear

Countless numbers of the believers who hold the truth that they exist
Speak of guardian angel spirits, whose peaceful presence we can't resist
They are around us to protect us and to be the light that we all  need
We have only to ask their guidance and they themselves will come with speed..

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