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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sitting here, in the predawn hours...

Sitting here in the predawn hours listening to the space
Creature of the evening hours are romping about the place
Crickets with their finer tunes are playing their last hurrah
joining their melodies to the owl's, who's singing of what he saw

Shadows of the evening fade and soon the night's no more
Beams of sunlight sing and dance; they bright up the floor
Morning sun with all her shine is readying to give her kiss
Rising up we gaze outside, her touch we wouldn't miss..

All the world is waking up beneath the bright blue sky
Everyone is touched inside by the molecules passing by..
Though unnoticed by us all because of how they appear
Each atom of the air we breathe is part of  the atmosphere.

We celebrate the gift of life and we celebrate what  we see
All the creatures, all the clouds, the elements and the sea
Nothing still or moving about... nothing flying or on the ground
Escapes the notice of the spirited ones, we're awe struck all around.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Unalienable rights...

Today, and right now, we're all needing to shout
Prejudice and hatreds all need to get out
It isn't appropriate and it isn't even fair
The way that we're acting: like we don't even care

Our people are dying because of our hate
The power hungry people are creating debate
So, where is the justice and where is the creed
Some people are guilty while others are freed?

Why should it even matter the color of our skin
True justice is justice without and within
Yet we are a nation that's "united and free"?
So, it isn't appropriate: all this fighting we see...

So what is the remedy and what is the cure
For all of this rioting and policing unsure
Coming up with the agreements and coming up with the laws
Prosecuting  the prejudice with the "unalienable clause"..

Too much: all the brutality; and too much, all the force:
We need every single law officer taking a new course
About prejudices and hatreds and how they are wrong
If someone isn't in concordance..then they don't even belong

So, let's clean up our nation and  clean up our pride
There isn't any room for this fighting inside
We're built up on equalities and not upon hate
Let' try to restore us before its getting too late..

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Exercise yourselves daily in this arena

Reach out now and take hold of that slowly passing breeze
Look up and see that beauty that is splashing above the trees
See now, if you can, the wonder of this waking wonderful universe
And hear them, all of the creatures, that are singing creation's verse

Are you pondering it over:  all of this beauty that is surely ours to have
Do you know that the greatest Eternal has done this, only, to make us glad
So truly loved and blessed we are, to be cared for by the One Who made all this
We are all immersed inside  of so much beauty and inside so much endless bliss

Take time daily to seek out the secrets of the world that we often allow to pass by
Allow yourselves the the wisdom that is crying out to us from both the earth and sky
Silence yourselves enough to hear the things that so many will never come to hear
Exercise yourselves, daily inside this arena of the angels and the Eternal's atmosphere..

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Angel guardians

In the morning, in the predawn, while the world is still asleep
Angel guardians, quiet spirits, watch about us: vigils keep
Sacred beings, guardian angels, strong protectors of the earth
They're around us and about us, assigned to us from before our birth..

While the sun is still arising and the shadows of the night decrease
Silent soundings from the Heavens echo out the Eternal peace
Hear them singing, all of the angels, from that Heavenly atmosphere
We, the silent, and the listening are the privileged ones who hear

Countless numbers of the believers who hold the truth that they exist
Speak of guardian angel spirits, whose peaceful presence we can't resist
They are around us to protect us and to be the light that we all  need
We have only to ask their guidance and they themselves will come with speed..

Thursday, April 23, 2015

We're invited...

Listen to those whispers that are riding on the wind
They're speaking of the Eternal and touching us deep within
They're carrying all of the sorrows of a people far away
Listen to those whisperings and see what they will say

Feel it deep within you that burst of  the shining sun
Its breaking through our morning and illuminating everyone
All of its sacredness is held up inside of its shine
Embrace the dancing sunbeam and you'll dance with the Divine.

Ponder the brightest blueness that is stretching across the sky
How it's painting itself so softly to attract the weary eye
Oh that  marvellous wonder shining out in that abode above
If we search its vast uniqueness we'll understand the depths of Love

Each and every morning from the earliest signs of light
Our souls are being invited into those pathways beautifully bright
But we with all our sluggishness can choose to skip the ride
And fail to see the wisdom that in everything chooses to hide.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Have you watched the morning come in..?

Were you awake enough to see
All of the  waking dawn's beauty
Tell me did you ever really see
Mother morning's masterpiece?

Have you watched the morning come in
Watched the darkness become light
Have you see the sun rise begin
Were you awed by the sight?

What sounds awakened you today
What sights graced your new day?
When you were sitting down to eat
Did you hear those song birds, so sweet?

Have you watched the morning come in..
Watched the darkness become light?
Have you seen the sunrise begin..
Were you awed by the sight?

Did you let in all of the sun
When the morning hours had begun
Did you see, did you see
How much God loves you and me?

Have you watched he morning come in..
Watched the darkness become light?
Have you see the sunrise begin..
Were you awed by the sight..

So I will challenge you today
When you're able to in some way
To open up your mind and heart to hear
All earth's messages so dear..

Have you watched the morning come in..
Watched the darkness become light?
Have you see the sunrise begin..
Were you awed by the sight?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Turn down the noise....

All of the universe and all of the air;
Everything around me, everything everywhere:
Cries out with a sounding, with an echoing Divine
I cannot help but honor it, as though it were a Shrine

Sacred is the music and Immortal is the morn
It touches deep inside me, in the places new and worn
Peacefully it is soothing me and mystically it can heal
The early morning musings are like the Eternity they reveal.

Oh, silence all the media and turn down all the noise
Creation has been summoning with its ever gentle voice
You cannot hear its sounding and you cannot see its joy
If you are busy whirling around its substituting decoy.

So do not be afraid of this  and do not back away
Everything around you has something its wanting to say
You  will have to be entering into it, into this atmosphere
If you would see the Omnipotent and hear what you should hear

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Things we really need....

There is only need for loving for kindness and for care
Everything else is secondary, I'm sure you are aware
For though there are many things that will creep up along the way
Only relationships and  love is what we should value every day.

Friday, April 17, 2015

You never know when it will happen

I saw the face of Jesus in the poor man on the street
And in the broken person whose was wallowing in defeat
I heard the voice of angels in the Heavenly Heights above
But it was only in each person that I could see them love

So often we are thinking that the Mighty One's "up there"
And if we're  kneeling down  we will reach the heights of prayer
But it's only in the loving and the giving from the heart
That we will become united to the One is our start

So whenever you are able and are walking along the way
Do not become so puffed up and indifferent in your display
For you'll never know the moment when the Eternal will appear
Beneath the fragile cover up of the one you hate and smear...

This is the beauty

This is the beauty and this is the wonderment
All of the universe and all of the firmament
Exquisite artistry in masterpieces  unqestionable
All of it given  us by the Immortal most Reputable

Even without seeing it and even without hearing it
The beauty around us is presenting us the Infinite
All of the greenery and all of the meadow land
Are echoing a harmony that comes from the promised land

Can we not  fathom it and can we not see it...
The whole of the universe is a gift from the Spirit?
Flowers that are blooming and the leaves that are dying
Are moments that carry God's graces multiplying

So what will we do with it and what will we say
On seeing this vision of this bright beautiful day
Will we even capture it or will we even see
That each second we are breathing  is a second to see?...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hear it, the sounding, of the wind as she's speaking

Hear it, the sounding,  of the wind as she's speaking..
All of the universe is moved by her  tweaking.
Streams of her kindness are all over the places:
Whispers of generations are caught up in her races.

Oh how they're dancing: the plants in their rising:
Moving with rhythm which isn't  surprising...
For, they and the plant-lets and all of the trees,
Are responding to soundings inside of the breeze..

Spirit of our mother and the universe  around us
We breathe you, we need you and all of  your kindness
All of the beings and all of the surroundings
Are enamored and enlivened by all of your soundings

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I am here for you

Are you sleepless at night:
In dread of morning's light?
Have you  wounds so deep,
Things that make you weep?

I am here for you
We will make this through
Let me be your friend
My love will never end

Has someone hurt you dear:
Made you live in constant fear?
Have you been   traumatized;
Hurt and brutally victimized?

I am here for you
We will make this through
Let me be your friend
My love will never end

Who has caused you to  fear?
What  is so so  frightening my  dear?
Are you too  afraid to say?
Let's try to make it  go away.....

I am here for you
We will make this through
Let me be your friend
My love will never end

This is, certainly, your  day
We will definitely make a way
No more worries about what to do
We will make it all the way through

I am here for you 
We will make this through
Let me be your friend
My love will never end..

Monday, April 13, 2015

Be real

Do not  be making any promises that you don't intend to keep
Don't capture a person's confidences and cause them then to weep
Be the person you're  pretending to be and try not to overly boast
The simple way and truthfulness are qualities that shout out most...

If you would be more respected dear don't push your way around
Be respectful of another's view and let another's shine be found
Humility and the love of God will take you so very far
Remember the silent beauty of an unspeaking sparkling star

There are so many many things that we can have access to today
And a person's status is judged by wealth and by their socializing way
Too often, it is, that we will judge another by the color of their skin
But few there are who see the wealth and beauty that's deep within...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The beauty of springtime

I can hear it, the morning; I can hear all the breezes
Soft whispering winds that can heal all the diseases
Chirpings and soundings and sights all galore
I can hear it,  the created, as I open up my door

I can hear it. the soundings of the earth as she's rising:
Colors of the springtime with soundings so surprising..
Bright ones and gray ones and many shades of green:
A masterpiece is before us, do you know what I mean?

Spring time's upon us and oh, how it is singing
Sparrows and blue jays and squirrels are all springing
See how the created world is livened with weather:
Plantlets and creatures and universe together?

What is more awesome than the awesomeness Eternal
It motivates, inspires and directs us to journal
Poets, and singers and artists of every style
Painting and presenting us with visions worth while

Now is the time for each person to explore it
Within your own dwelling you can ready yourself for it
Listening and pondering and inviting it all:
The beauty of springtime will mesmerize and call.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Why did it take so long to hear...

A symphony of birds is sounding outside my window today
The entire universe is singing: spring is here to stay
Wonderful assortments of melodies and beautiful songs I hear
I have only to open up my window to transform this atmosphere

Calming colors of the Spring are stretching out across the land
Budding trees are singing out and the quiet ones understand
Leaves are unfolding in our sight, their green splashing round
What an array of artisty in this world  of ours is found...

Sometimes, we,with all our busy-ness. can miss the subtle joys
And we're drowning out the symphony with our un-creative noise
But comes a time when we all must  stop to see the world around
And then we'll  wonder why it took so long to hear creation's sound

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rain storm

The thunder it sounded and shook all the land
The lightning  was lashing out strand after strand
Rumbling and clashing with noises galore
Storm clouds were opening and soaking earth's floor

The birds and the flowers and the plant-lets and trees
Were soaking with  showers that create all the seas
Moistening the universe and sprinkling the air
Rain drops were falling and  ready to share...

Hidden yet  present behind cloudiness and fuss
The morning star is watching over and caring for us
Readying to mystify and  to creatively shine
Beneath the rainbow that's lit up with colors divine

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Reach out for the horizon...

Reach out for the horizon and  embrace all the air
Inhale all of the goodness oozing out everywhere
Hear all of the sweetness and sing with the rest
Sing with the Universe acknowledge you're blest

See all of the tiniest:  the ant-lets in parade
Admire all the grandiosity in the mountains displayed
Ponder the most ponderable and search through the skies
Admit in your own being what is escaping eyes

The world is so beautiful as beautiful as can be
Yet  often we are missing it, in all our hurry
The greatness, the wonderfulness, the awesomeness galore:
Are here ever before us if we would just open our door

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Sonata

Radiantly smiling upon us, upon every one of us here
The Sun is sending it healing throughout the atmosphere
Warming up and transforming all the plants and everyone
Each of us, the created, are enjoying this radiant one

Sounding through the branches and moving through the trees
Gusts of winds are whispering blowing through the breeze
Touched are all the flowers and touched are you and I
Whenever we are out there beneath the bright blue sky

Spring is finally with us flowers are starting to bloom
All the world is lit up and shining throughout my room
Soothing  sights and soundings, fragrant smells and more
Fill our hearts with gladness as we gaze on God's galore.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Acknowledging my dependence....

This silent moment and this uninterrupted pause
Is enabling me to hear  the most Infinite Cause
Without need for motion and without need for rhyme
I'm sitting here listening to the evolution of time.

If even  for a second and if even for a hush
I could pull aside from people and from all of the rush
I would gain inner healing and I would gain inner peace
All would be balanced and my worries would decrease

So I'm making it my priority and I making it my plan
To take several moments out as best as I can
To pause for reflection and to pause for some prayer
Acknowledging my dependence on the One Who's everywhere.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Day, oh so special...

All of the flowers and all of the trees
Shout with a voice that reaches the seas
Moving so gently and moving so smooth
All of the universe is starting to move

Day oh so special and sparkling with shine
Singing with a happiness, entirely divine
Once buried and sleeping inside of the earth
The One who was lifeless, now rises with mirth..

Death holds no more victory and life is again
Nothing has ended, Life trumps every sin
Rising and reigning over what use to be
The Son of the Eternal is now our festivity..

Saturday, April 4, 2015

These spirits so loyal...

Soft are the soundings of angels when singing
All through the night their melody is ringing
Guarding and guiding and watching us all
Hear how they sing it: the most sacred call.

Soothing our senses and calming our worries
Angels are beacons in the midst of our hurries
Reaching out so gently and touching us all
Angels are guardians for great ones and small.

Can you not hear them, these spirits so loyal?
Transcending the Heavens, they treat us so royal.,.
Whispering their warnings and encouragements galore,
These sacred beings can open up any door....

Hush now your movements your thinking your saying
Just for a moment hear what they're relaying
Energies so healing, so mystically charged
They touch  us in our heart-space  we feel it enlarged.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday ...

Should I write to you of sadness or of the darkness of this day
That happened several thousand years ago when Jesus was led away
By those He came to be among and by those He gave His care
Should I write to you of sorrowing and of nails that hurt and tear?

Would you want to hear of things you know : like  scourgings and the hurt
Should I speak to you of Calvary and the Savior that lay in the dirt?
Several times He did collapse beneath that wood so big
Upon His shoulders they had laid  a beam, they treated Him like a pig.

Nobody ever took His part when He was sentenced to suffer and die
Even His closest followers left,  I cannot help but weep and  cry
The One who gave His life for all was left alone to die
Beneath the cross His mother wept; she gazed up at the sky...

If sorrow was the message here: utter excruciating pain;
What person could ever endure it all.. nobody would  remain..
But we,  the privileged, know the end and it has already passed
Memorials of that dreadful day should speak of love  that lasts

It's not about that meanness there or about people who didn't see
It isn't about that traumatic scene  or that bloodied path to Calvary
None of that suffering, within itself, could ever heal or call
It is only the act of unselfishness that teaches us:  one and all

Thursday, April 2, 2015

If Jesus came knocking at our front doors today...

If Jesus was walking the earth today
I wonder I wonder whatever He'd say
Would He turn around and walk away?
Inside of our churches, would He ever stay?.

Would He ever be welcomed just like the rest
Or would He be challenged to pass a test?
If He were so different and His skin so unique
Would He ever be welcomed or allowed to speak?

If He was the Friend of the ones we'd  reject:
Hanging with the cripples and the gays with respect;
Would we be informing Him: we hadn't any room
And treat Him like an outsider, a person we'd doom?

If Jesus came knocking at our front doors today
Would we be able to welcome Him in the right way?
Or would we be too busy and too blind for His grace
Speak of our obligations shut the door in His face?

Each day Jesus comes walking into our new day:
Dressed like a poor one or someone across the way
He steps into our busy-ness and  He asks us for time
But we don't recognize Him, in those garments un-sublime.

So we silence His questioning and turn with a click
Our music is blaring and our door shuts so quick
He stands near our heart space in each person  we see
Will we start welcoming Jesus or   fail Him miserably?

This enormous army from Heaven...

While the earth is in her slumber and the universe is asleep
A hundred thousand angels are at their stations to keep
A careful guard and vigilance over the  charges in their care:
They are the guardians of the universe and they are everywhere

No matter the place or country and no matter the color of skin
These quietly flying beings are with us through thick and thin
Invisible to our seeing and inaudible to our ears
These angelic spirits are  ready to protect us from  our fears.

So while the night is darkened and the light of day is gone
We have these noble protectors protecting us till the dawn
And once the dawn has broken and the daylight is bright and clear
This enormous army from Heaven keeps up their vigilance here..

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We're not meant to be crowd followers

There is always a temptation to become angry
to take on the less noble of ways
But we will always have before us the graces
to resist this in the toughest of days
For we're not being ruled by some animal instincts
but by an act of our God given will
We should not be giving into  these unkindly impulses
no matter the brokenness we may feel

For we are children of the Greatest Eternal
and the children of the Lord God most High
No matter how much we may want to deny it
we have in us the One who created the Sky
So let us dig deep down into our innermost beings
let us step away from the temptation to  noise
And start listening to our own inner spirits
who speak out with the most discerning voice

We are not meant to be the followers of the leader
who will make us all submissive and blind
Nor are we called to become the crowd followers
that will run after every trend that we find
Rather we are called into being our own persons
and into being that presence all around
That will echo the spirit of the One within us
to everyone who is seeking to be found

So let's start being who we were meant to be from the beginning
free from the chains of the crowd
Let us become free from the noisiness of the naysayers
who would silence all the goodness allowed
We must choose the right over all of the wrongness
and the kindliness over all of the hate
We must never become part of the statistics
or among those who are keeping  hours ungodly and late