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Saturday, March 21, 2015

There are never any secrets

There are never any secrets from the Lord God Almighty
There isn't really anything  His Wisdom cannot see
Every time and every moment every sparkling twinkling star
Everything is ever present..For Him nothing is too far..

He is  the Lord the Greatest and the humblest and the most discreet
He's found inside the cathedrals and in the poor ones on the street
In the oceans and in the ozones and in the atmospheres all around
The Eternal is ever Present and is everywhere to be found...

So, where ever you are going: whether in public or in disguise;
There's One who's always watching for He made the sea and skies
No wrong can ever be wielded and  no right can ever be known
Without His Infinite knowing: for He is seeing what is sown..

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