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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring is finally coming...

There's a  whispering in the wind that's speaks of the warmer times
Spring is finally coming out;  we're hearing  it in the  rhymes
Poets and painters are capturing it and painting it for our minds
Singers and song writers are relaying it in notes and beautiful lines

All the world is waking from the place of its wintry  rest
Buds on trees are forming and  robins are making their nest
Tiny signs of bulbs and plants are peaking out upon the ground
Feathered friends and jumping ones are celebrating all around

The skies are much much brighter and the grass is greening too
Nippier days are lessening and warmer ones coming through
Gone the chillier mornings and the frostiness has left the air
Spring is finally coming out and .we can feel it everywhere

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