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Friday, March 13, 2015

In all things a blessing ..

Quietly they assemble, the clouds up above
Together they will produce an outburst of love
Tiny droplets of newness from the heavenly heights
Whispering  God's messages and sprinkling delights

The sunshine is hidden, but shines through the day
Behind clouds of grey-ness; it will continue to say:
"I am here when you see me and when you do not
I'm the bright star of morning: have you forgot?"

Songs of the sparrows and the robins and the bees
Echo through the breezes and from inside the trees
Morning has been welcoming and so good to us all
Hear how we're singing it:  the great and the small?

Each day's a blessing and each day's a joy
Hidden is each moment: what'll never destroy:
Healing and awesomeness and pure love divine
See how each second is making us all shine?

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