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Saturday, March 28, 2015

A question for you...

Do you ever think about the squirrels that scamper all around
The trees, the birds, the universe ; the early morning sound?
Do you ever hear the breezes, the winds inside the trees?
Is there anything you ever notice, would you tell me if you please?

When the morning is finally breaking; do you notice the golden sun;
And the moon, so high above you, do you see it when day is done?
Do you smell the smell of the roses and notice the fragrant air
Surrounding the trees and the flowers and the blooming bushes everywhere?

When you're walking upon the beaches or are near to bright blue sky:
Does it ever happen to phase you, the many life forms you're passing by?
Or do you go about your business, your walking about,  to and fro
Without taking the time to ponder the universe above and below?

What it is I'm trying to get to when I'm writing this verse and rhyme
I'm trying to ask if you have moments when you're not worried about clocks or time
Are you ever so free and  so unworried about the schedule or things you must do
That you can sit down without worry and hear the universe all around you?

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