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Monday, February 23, 2015

When in those rare moments

There is a beauty in the silence that leads us into our sleep
It whispers to us of mysteries that angels like to  keep
Inspiring us with the wisdom that comes from the Heavens above
How best are we, the listeners, who are caught up in such love

Before the night is ever opened the Heavens are ready to sing
The songs of The Sacred healing and of The Everlasting Spring
Touching us within our spirits and echoing to us of the mystery
We're led from the evening shadows into what the angels see.

So quietly we're becoming the partakers of that mystical serenade
That leads us with arms invisible to where the Infinite's displayed..
We're caught up in what is indescribable but wanting so much to speak
Tomorrow we recall it all on waking and it'll carry us throughout the week

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