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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

So many the wonders...

Think of all of the many wonders that surround you here are there:
The clouds and the sky above you, and the ever oxygenated air.
Everything that you can gaze upon and that which escapes your gaze
Speaks to you of an Eternity and of a Keeper of your days...

The silencing sound of the breezes as they brush against the trees
Speaks to us of a mysteriousness that exceeds the land and seas
The sudden burst of the coloring that saturates the morning skies
Mesmerizes  the curious ones and encourages the  artistic replies.

Each of us can capture this, that surrounds us with so much care
And, with some effort, we can also arrest the sun as it's rising to share
Its warmth, its radiance, and its over flow of  heat and warmth around
We have only to take the time apart from the daily rushes of  sound..

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