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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Passing by, unaware....

Crisp and cool are the breezes that are moving through the trees
Scampering squirrels are seeking out the nutrition that'll please
Early morning sunshine has just finished its y morning dance
While all the world is alive with great beauty: take a glance

Countless colors of winged ones are pecking upon the ground
Rhythmic is their walking and so delightful is their sound
Blue jays, sparrows and cardinals and woodpeckers: one or two
Are gracing the world around me and am sure you'll see some too

Passersby, with vehicles, are zooming quickly here and there
Not realizing  all the  beauty they may be passing by unaware
Man made modes of transportation with all of its moving noise
Can never replace the awesomeness that comes without a voice..

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