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Monday, February 2, 2015

I won't pretend it doesn't hurt...

Would you have me to be quiet about all of my  pain
And say it is not hurting though a bruise will remain
Would you have me pretend it, that the hurt isn't there
Can you explain why you're thinking that this is even fair?

Pretending might cover it up:  this most painful scar
And it might even get me going but it won't carry me far
For deep down inside of me in my wound-ness there
I'm waiting to be healed and am waiting for some care..

I know you might be meaning well with your words ever kind
But telling me to get over it, is not so soothing to my mind
It's like saying to me:  just forget it or pretend  that you're okay
When  in all reality I am  hurting and and having a bad day..

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