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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I can accept you because I can accept me

I can accept you because I can accept me
This is the plain truth and the reality
But if I am not happy with who I may be
Confusion and chaos is all I will see..

The faults that are in you are also in me
Though totally different in their consistency
The things I don't like and am not wanting to see
Appears in your actions but it's really in me

I have this illusion and this imbalance inside
That makes everything hateful:  a problem outside
I will toss and I will turn and I will even run  away
But the imperfections I fear are inside me to stay..

Till finally I will listen and til finally I will see
That everything that's imperfect is also in me
In how I am perceiving things and in how I am wired
Everything is imperfect  and perfection has retired

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