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Saturday, February 14, 2015

All of those hurts from yesterday....

All of those hurts from yesterday won't just disappear
They create in is some tendencies, and a whole lot of fear
Accepting that they're part of us and who we are today
Will help us learn to cope with them, though they never go away

Some may judge us ruthlessly and claim we're just a show
Preaching to us of healthiness and how we should let them go
But memories of those broken years, that make us want to hide
Are not something that will go away just because we decide

Etched inside of the inner walls of the neurons in our mind
Are triggering visions of the past that somehow stayed behind
Poking us with their stimuli and reminding us of what we know
They hurt us over and over again till we show them where to go..

Each of us has had some sort of past that brings back memories
But not everyone will know the path of the most painful tragedies
So everyone of us should strive to be a light for  everyone
Not knowing who it is we'll  meet with heartaches on the run..

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