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Thursday, January 29, 2015

You are, all of you, sister and brother....

I have heard it, the sounding, of the universe as she's crying
She's showing me her spirit, as her sons and daughters are dying
Why is it that it's happening: these things we keep hearing of..?
She is pointing  now to my heart space and says "it is the lack of love"

I have felt it, all the trembling, of the universe as she's weeping
Countless, her sighings; as her fragile heart keeps on beating...
"See here,  my  children, how you are all destroying one another
Can you not stop it: you are, all of you:  sister and brother.

Softly she is whimpering beneath the pools of red overflowing
From nations and countries where violent numbers are growing
We heed her and hear her as she's crying out within her spirit
Together we're united to encourage one another to hear it..

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