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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Words "Angie" was afraid to say

      Dedicated to a disabled person who 
has "friends" that are taking advantage of her...

You say you're my friends but you take all my things
Your friendship is bitter:  it bites and it stings
You're selfish and uncaring and never really care
That you're making me feel awful despite all I share

I will run for you and walk for you and give you a galore
I will go for all of your pick ups and walk to the store
You will  come to  me, my dwelling and take all of my things
Your friendship is truly bitter: it biting  and it stings..

You act like you're caring but caring you don't
I tell you to respect me but respect me you wont
I'm not wanting to lose you because of these things
But your friendship is bitter it bites and it stings.

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