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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What is it about here: the life that we're living?

What is it about here:  the life that we're living
If not for the loving and the laughing and the giving?.
The other things that are happening: the hard times we're knowing
Are all but preparations for the way that we're  going...

Life is about  fullness and the lightness and the being
And the embracing of each person and each moment we're seeing
It is not about the awfulness, the disappointments or the fear
That sometimes are encircling us when they happlessly draw  near..

We were meant to be so joyous, so happy and so free.
This is our true purpose: our mission and  our destiny
Everything else here: the scenery and the distracted-ness
Detours us for a time but eventually leads us to our eternal-ness..

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