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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

People..oh people...

People oh people
People oh people

The world is all crying out
Impatiently we're producing a shout
Hands clenched and raised up high
Innocence is left there to die

People oh people
People oh people

What is this fighting all about
Why don't we choose a better route
Peacefulness and ready compromise
Can't be seen: this isn't any surprise

People, oh people
People, oh people

Blood red the river all around
Terrorists with hatefulness abound
Oh Lord how long will this dreadful rain
Drench us with its cries of endless pain..

People oh people
People oh people

Breezes from the devestated land
Trickle in but we do not understand
We too have played our painful parts
Kindling fires with our vengeful hearts

People oh people
People oh people..

But, you say, "we are not over there:
How can we be contributing to that fare"
Each time that you quarrel and you fight
You are contributing to the wars that ignite..

People oh people...
People oh people..

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