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Friday, January 30, 2015

Oh the wonderful-ness and beautiful-ness

I have heard the morning sparrow singing sweetly in the breeze
While swirls of wind were whispering some secrets to the trees
Golden beams of morning-ness were waking  the world from night
The early dawn was singing out:  this the Eternal's Light....

Silently the creatures yawned and the darkness sped away
Inch by inch the shadows crept until the night became the day
Glorious views of breaking morn splashed out before my eyes
This is the scene we all behold beneath the bright blue skies..

Oh the wonderful-ness and  beautiful-ness of all we're able to see...
Creation is ever so ready to play the  Creator's: "Let it Be"
Every minute and  every second of every bright and brand new day
Is but a  re-creation of that original time  when everyone  saw God's way

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