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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It can become a hopeless whirlwind

I have touched upon the atoms that about me move around
But have never heard their whisper or their most secret sound
I have seen their accumulative wonder in all of the blowing breeze
But have never seen their intricacy which the Eternal sees

All about me the world is moving at an unusually hurried pace
Not stopping to notice the wonders that are scattered about this place
So is it, to you,  any wonder; that we can get caught up in all this hell
And  fail to notice the mysteries that universe is trying to sell?

It can become a hopeless whirlwind when we choose to ride the trend
That fails to notice the valuable and embraces the things that end
Only the soul that is willing to jump off from this popular ride
Will discover the awesome-ness of this universe and all there is inside..

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