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Monday, January 12, 2015

I know that you and I are bonded

Diving  into my spirit. I touch upon the Great Divine
And am lost in  greatest wonder as I gaze upon this shrine
That is hidden within my being and motivating my heart:
I know for sure I'm protected, by the guardians who won't depart

Like the vessels of some temple or the Holy Host they call Divine
I'm a sacred singular being from whom all the Heavens shine
Participating within this union that weaves us all together
I know that you and I are bonded and are meant to be forever

Linked to one another and moving about this entire world:
Each one of us is so connected  this is God's wisdom unfurled
So that when one of us is offended or another one is made to cry
We cannot control the movements of the tears inside our eye

Each of us are part of  the one family though miles and miles divide
The distance between one another the spirit inside won't hide
Despite the colors and the  cultures and despite the meanness and the hate
Each one of us were meant to be loving each person without debate..

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