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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Whatever you say and whatever you do...

Whatever you say and  whatever you do
Think of the intensity that keeps coming through
Make it more peaceful and  make it more calm
Let everything you're doing be as healing as balm

Put away all of that me-ness and all of that "fame"
Speak to each other without boosting your name
No one is more higher and no one is more lower
This is the surest pathway of the welcoming goer.

So reach out to each other and each stranger as friend
Removing all boastfulness and all self seeking blend
You will shine out more brightly and open  more eyes
When warm smiles and laughter are your only desired  prize

Friday, January 30, 2015

Oh the wonderful-ness and beautiful-ness

I have heard the morning sparrow singing sweetly in the breeze
While swirls of wind were whispering some secrets to the trees
Golden beams of morning-ness were waking  the world from night
The early dawn was singing out:  this the Eternal's Light....

Silently the creatures yawned and the darkness sped away
Inch by inch the shadows crept until the night became the day
Glorious views of breaking morn splashed out before my eyes
This is the scene we all behold beneath the bright blue skies..

Oh the wonderful-ness and  beautiful-ness of all we're able to see...
Creation is ever so ready to play the  Creator's: "Let it Be"
Every minute and  every second of every bright and brand new day
Is but a  re-creation of that original time  when everyone  saw God's way

Thursday, January 29, 2015

You are, all of you, sister and brother....

I have heard it, the sounding, of the universe as she's crying
She's showing me her spirit, as her sons and daughters are dying
Why is it that it's happening: these things we keep hearing of..?
She is pointing  now to my heart space and says "it is the lack of love"

I have felt it, all the trembling, of the universe as she's weeping
Countless, her sighings; as her fragile heart keeps on beating...
"See here,  my  children, how you are all destroying one another
Can you not stop it: you are, all of you:  sister and brother.

Softly she is whimpering beneath the pools of red overflowing
From nations and countries where violent numbers are growing
We heed her and hear her as she's crying out within her spirit
Together we're united to encourage one another to hear it..

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Words "Angie" was afraid to say

      Dedicated to a disabled person who 
has "friends" that are taking advantage of her...

You say you're my friends but you take all my things
Your friendship is bitter:  it bites and it stings
You're selfish and uncaring and never really care
That you're making me feel awful despite all I share

I will run for you and walk for you and give you a galore
I will go for all of your pick ups and walk to the store
You will  come to  me, my dwelling and take all of my things
Your friendship is truly bitter: it biting  and it stings..

You act like you're caring but caring you don't
I tell you to respect me but respect me you wont
I'm not wanting to lose you because of these things
But your friendship is bitter it bites and it stings.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Spirit in me recognizes the Spirit in you....

The Spirit in me recognizes the Spirit in you
It affects me:  my welcomes and all that I do
Because we're so united and share what is Divine
I'll open my heart up and share what is mine.

We're sisters, we're brothers and we're all family
One bond and one kinship is all I can ever see
So to you I will be speaking and   you I will love
Like children in one family with one Father above

Enough with this nonsense and this pettiness I see
How can we all keep fighting; we are  all one family
It's time consuming and wasteful; it's serving no cause
Let us look over the imperfections and all of the flaws..

Monday, January 26, 2015

Why couldn't you love me? ... (for all those who have wanted to ask this)

Why couldn't you say it:  say that you loved me?
All of my childhood I was kept in this wondering
I was longing for your loving  and few of your kisses
But all that I got was that belt and  the dishes,,,

Why couldn't you love me oh why didn't you say it
Something inside of me has been asking my own  spirit..

You could love the very youngest but the middles you hated
There was no doubt about it for the happenings were   dated
But you denied it the treatment you so unfairly distributed
We were  just your children and  "our remembering could be disputed."..

Why couldn't you love me oh why didn't you say it
Something inside of me has been asking my own  spirit..

The church taught us the submission and the value of silence
So we shut up our heartbreaks and the signs of any violence
But now I am considering it in the depth of my being
Why was it we were targeted by the rampages we were seeing?

Why couldn't you love me oh why didn't you say it
Something inside of me has been asking my own spirit..

Could it be that you hated the fact that you bore us
Beneath the guise of a faithful one but so far from the chorus?
You were forced into some darkness by the neglect of a parent
So you lived out your anger by abusing  what was apparent.

Why couldn't you love me oh why didn't you say it
Something inside of me has been asking my own  spirit..

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Begin loving this world

Open your heart and open your hands
Let the world see it now: your loving strands
Flowing from within you: from your heart within
Appointments are not needed so let us begin

Begin loving this world and this universe of ours
From here in this present space and unto the stars
What are you waiting for? The time will not wait.
Giving is appropriate now, no need for a date..

You say you're not perfect and don't like to appear
Like someone who is seeking some recognition here
So give without speaking  and give without word
Your kindness will shout out: by all will be heard

Begin loving this world and this universe of ours
From here in this present space and unto the stars
What are you waiting for? The time will not wait.
Giving is appropriate now, no need for a date..

Where should you be giving and where should you start?
Think of that person whose heart's torn apart
Perhaps a "hey, how are you? " or "how was your day?"
And maybe you just might  stop by their way..?

Begin loving this world and this universe of ours
From here in this present space and unto the stars
What are you waiting for? The time will not wait.
Giving is appropriate now, no need for a date..

Remember that person who was under your skin
Perhaps this is the first place you might begin
By finding some kindly word and replacing your disgust
Your creating the kingdom of Love like you must

Begin loving this world and this universe of ours
From here in this present space and unto the stars
What are you waiting for? The time will not wait.
Giving is appropriate now, no need for a date..

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Spare me the cameras

Spare me the cameras and spare me the fame
No need for the credentials after my name
Capital letters and the name set in gold
These aren't my calling; is this being bold?

Give me the silence and the most secret sound
Found in the crevices of seeds in the ground
Leave me the beautiful-ness,the quietest breeze
Ruffling through branches and moving through trees

Some need the acknowledgments the clapping hurrah
Some sort of remembrance:  an audience in awe
But I'm  not the person who is seeking for fame
So spare me the cameras and the glittery name

Friday, January 23, 2015

Do not come to me as a friend

Do not come to me as a friend
If yours is only a selfish end
Do not tell me that you care
If your words are like the air..

All these words you say to me
Are like wind blowing aimlessly
Do not tell me that you're my friend
If yours is only a selfish end..

Do not come to me as a friend
If yours is only a selfish end
Do not tell me that you care
If your words are like the air..

Day by day I see the truth
Of your friendship without root
Passing by you'll never speak
I can hear your wheels squeek

Do not come to me as a friend
If yours is only a selfish end
Do not tell me that you care
If your words are like the air..

Oh you have to get things done
Always moving and on the run
But if you cannot stop to say
"How you doing" during the day

Do not come to me as a friend
If yours is only a selfish end
Do not tell me that you care
If your words are like the air..

Some make friendship like the  time
Passing quickly they might chime
But if you need them they're not there
Please don't pretend you  care..

Do not come to me as a friend
If yours is only a selfish end
Do not tell me that you care
If your words are like the air..

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mercury Retrograde .. January 21 - February 11

Mercury is in its retrograde
Conflicting energies are displayed
Time to wait and time to research
But not a time to leave your perch..

Dialogues mingling are confused
Tempers flaring are short fused
Back away and take some time
You might even jot some rhyme

Change however you should not
During this time of "think a lot"
Worrying is useless: it'll pass
February 11th will be the last...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

People..oh people...

People oh people
People oh people

The world is all crying out
Impatiently we're producing a shout
Hands clenched and raised up high
Innocence is left there to die

People oh people
People oh people

What is this fighting all about
Why don't we choose a better route
Peacefulness and ready compromise
Can't be seen: this isn't any surprise

People, oh people
People, oh people

Blood red the river all around
Terrorists with hatefulness abound
Oh Lord how long will this dreadful rain
Drench us with its cries of endless pain..

People oh people
People oh people

Breezes from the devestated land
Trickle in but we do not understand
We too have played our painful parts
Kindling fires with our vengeful hearts

People oh people
People oh people..

But, you say, "we are not over there:
How can we be contributing to that fare"
Each time that you quarrel and you fight
You are contributing to the wars that ignite..

People oh people...
People oh people..

Monday, January 19, 2015

Don't make promises you won't keep..

Oh oh oh oh the promises how they flow
They all come out so quickly yet they never go
Oh oh oh oh the things that we will say
Convincing another person with words that do not weigh..

Promises oh the promises how many we have made
Like trophies they will come out: they're so quickly made..

Tomorrow, next week, or in a day or two
Thoughtlessly we are promising the things that we will do
In a moment,in an hour, or in a minute my dear
Words that we will promise but never see them clear...

Promises oh the promises how many we have made
Like trophies they will come out: they're so quickly made..

If for just a moment just one instant in our time
The things that we were promising were not a thoughtless line
But oh our words are frivolous they come out with a glow
We never mean to keep them but we carelessly let them go...

Promises, oh the promises, how many we have made
Like trophies they will come out: they're so quickly made..

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I heard, I saw, I felt

I heard in the wind a thousand million voices
People who were free and people without choices
Some were loud and  some weren't even strong
I heard them in the wind:  it wasn't very long

I saw it in the breeze a thousand million faces
People who were happy...people knowing disgraces
Each one looking at me and calling me their friend
I saw it in the breezes and it was quick to end..

I felt it in the air the heartbeats of one and all
Some were great and   some were very small
Each one beating in unison though quite apart
I felt it in the air and I  felt it in my heart....

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Everything's all glowing..

Rays of golden sunshine dance across the sky
Illuminating  atoms and warming you and I
Giving glow to pine trees and shining on all around
The morning star is singing without a note or sound..

Winter breezes circle and stretch across the land
Whispering sudden secrets touching every strand
Brushing upon the creatures as they run or walk
Winding winds are carrying everybody's talk....

Flowing streams and meadows sparkle here and there
All the beautiful mountains are situated with care
Flowering trees and flowers beautify our space
Everything's all  glowing with an Infinite's Grace...

Friday, January 16, 2015

Reach out for the healing...

Raise up your hands and reach  out for the healing
That all of the universe around you is revealing
Touch on the Sacredness and touch on the Divine
Everything around you is The Infinite One's Shrine.....

Breathe in the healthiness and breathe in the air
The Omnipotent and Eternal is ready to share...
Calm down that noisy-nes and calm down your voice
Your worries, your frustration are not a good noise.

See all of the graciousness and see all the signs
Stretched out around you and stretched out in time
For all of us the created ones, for all everywhere
Eternity's the happiness we are needing  to share

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It can become a hopeless whirlwind

I have touched upon the atoms that about me move around
But have never heard their whisper or their most secret sound
I have seen their accumulative wonder in all of the blowing breeze
But have never seen their intricacy which the Eternal sees

All about me the world is moving at an unusually hurried pace
Not stopping to notice the wonders that are scattered about this place
So is it, to you,  any wonder; that we can get caught up in all this hell
And  fail to notice the mysteries that universe is trying to sell?

It can become a hopeless whirlwind when we choose to ride the trend
That fails to notice the valuable and embraces the things that end
Only the soul that is willing to jump off from this popular ride
Will discover the awesome-ness of this universe and all there is inside..

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Early morning sounds

Oh the beautiful-ness of the morning as she sounds the break of day
The crickets are softly singing as they serenade the night away
The tiniest little voices are all sounding so loud and clear
They're encouraging us, the risers, to open up and readily hear.....

Tiny droplets of dew  are descending upon all around...
Only the silent listener will begin to hear their sound
Like a softly sounding cymbal that echoes throughout the land
Dew drops are the soundings of the Eternal's One's Omnipotent hand...

With everything that is created beginning to rise and wake
We cannot help but notice all the soundings that they will make
Birds of every feather and the scampering squirrels around
Are all contributing to the symphony of the early morning sound.

Monday, January 12, 2015

I know that you and I are bonded

Diving  into my spirit. I touch upon the Great Divine
And am lost in  greatest wonder as I gaze upon this shrine
That is hidden within my being and motivating my heart:
I know for sure I'm protected, by the guardians who won't depart

Like the vessels of some temple or the Holy Host they call Divine
I'm a sacred singular being from whom all the Heavens shine
Participating within this union that weaves us all together
I know that you and I are bonded and are meant to be forever

Linked to one another and moving about this entire world:
Each one of us is so connected  this is God's wisdom unfurled
So that when one of us is offended or another one is made to cry
We cannot control the movements of the tears inside our eye

Each of us are part of  the one family though miles and miles divide
The distance between one another the spirit inside won't hide
Despite the colors and the  cultures and despite the meanness and the hate
Each one of us were meant to be loving each person without debate..

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Where Omnipotence moves...

Before the light of day begins to shine
And  all the sounds begin to touch this heart of mine
I am so silent and so immersed in space
Where Omnipotence moves and infuses grace

If ever a moment I was left alone
To manage this universe upon my own
The immensity of all this atmosphere
Would thrust we me down into a pool of fear..

For the workings of everything that we can see
Is kept in line by the Divinity
And though we cannot  see Him or comprehend
This Great Eternal is our Greatest Friend..

Friday, January 9, 2015

Try one more time...

Whispering to your spirit and riding in the wind
Is a Voice that keeps encouraging you: "try this once again"
Though  the odds aren't favoring you and some may seem to laugh
Turn your mind to doing this and it'll work on your behalf..

Something about these challenges is preparing you for more
Than you can ever imagine and leading you through a door
That will open up to you opportunities and clear for you the way
To be the person you're meant to be each and every day..

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Jesus speaking to a group...

Your backbiting and unkindness is so distasteful to me
People helping people.. why is it you can't see..?
That the titles and the cameras and the media and such
Are only building up egos and corrupting your touch

The movement once established is now falling so low...
Because people aren't really focused on helping it to grow
It's becoming about the numbers and the things  you can do
But it isn't about becoming "healthy" know this is true...

Where is the true kindness and the charity that flows
How can you keep it growing? Oh, nobody knows...
But when you start to claiming that another  doesn't belong
Your group begins dwindling and succumbs to the wrong...

What makes you better than the person you want out?


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What is it about here: the life that we're living?

What is it about here:  the life that we're living
If not for the loving and the laughing and the giving?.
The other things that are happening: the hard times we're knowing
Are all but preparations for the way that we're  going...

Life is about  fullness and the lightness and the being
And the embracing of each person and each moment we're seeing
It is not about the awfulness, the disappointments or the fear
That sometimes are encircling us when they happlessly draw  near..

We were meant to be so joyous, so happy and so free.
This is our true purpose: our mission and  our destiny
Everything else here: the scenery and the distracted-ness
Detours us for a time but eventually leads us to our eternal-ness..

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Let in the Great Physician

Oh taste of the sweetness that sings through the air
Receive all that the Infinite is ready to share:
All of His Gracefulness and all of His love
Is coming to you like Manna from the Heavens above..

Let it soak into your being; let it touch you inside
Oh open up those portals where you're wanting to hide
All of your past worrying and all of your cares
Let in This Great Physician and all that He shares..

Start off with this New Year and start off with this day
Letting in what is helpful for your spiritual way
Let go of that nonsense stuff and let go of that pain
Too long you've been held captive where you shouldn't remain.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

There's beauty in everything...

There's beauty in everything: beauty all around
In everything living: God's imprint is found
In the tiniest creatures; in the gradiose trees
The miracle of wonderment is emerging from these

In the thunder that's sounding. in the soft blowing wind
Divine Providence is echoing that new life will begin
Rocks, hills and great mountains and elements unseen
Are carrying the Ominipotent's Energy pristine...

We have only to ponder them and  have only to hear
The most secret  stories that the angels revere
Crying out from the created-ness, singing out everywhere
That God's love and Eternal-ness is so ready to share...

Friday, January 2, 2015

The gift that you are ....

The gift that you are is so apparent to see
You're different, you're blessed with an individuality
Not following the trendy or the crowds of your day
You're willing to speak up in all that you say

The "have to's", the "should be's" are all obsolete
You take on each challenge:  whatever you meet
Not judging like others; to all you're a friend
You're different, you're special: this isn't the end.

The beauty of your you-ness and all that you are
Is that you're so brilliant you're just like a star
But unlike  those, the famous, who will brag and self praise
You go about your doing without shouting your ways..

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

This is the New Year: 2015
So much is awaiting us, you know what I mean:
Happiness and sadness and things in between
We shouldn't be worrying about what isn't seen

Each second, each moment and all that will be
Is like something unraveling: a great mystery
Approaching it. the New Year without expectancy
Is like opening a package: "oh, what will I see"?

So, to all of my readers: the followers all here
I'm wishing you, everyone, a happy New Year
And asking you to remember these words from my heart
The New Year will be affected by how you will start..