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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sparkling little diadems

Let the sound of  raindrops soothe away your pain
Hear the pitter pattering of the falling rain..
Landing on the plantlets and on the window pane
Little vessels of moisture releasing us from strain..

Sparkling little diadems splashing here and there
Shining through the atoms and sprucing up the air
Special gifts from Heaven inside of every drop
Showers of the morning, no telling when you'll stop

It's always such a pleasure and always such a joy
To hear the rhythmic soundings raindrops will deploy
From the littlest droplet to the grandest splash
Every falling sprinkle is carrying its own cache

Saturday, December 26, 2015

The day after Christmas

It is the day after Christmas and everyone's gone
I greet the new morning and smile at the dawn
Quietness is speaking and peacefulness too
Thank you for Christmas and the day that is new

Visiting was wonderful and so were the gifts
We got through the holiday without any rifts
Laughter and smiling and food on display
I thank you for Christmas and also this day...

The travelling is over, I'm safe in my house
With all of my kitties there's never a mouse
Celebrating was wonderful: home life is too
Thank you for Christmas and memories so new

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Open up your "boundaries" and let in the rest

All of the beauty of this time of year
Is found in the gathering of each of us here
It's not just the presents and not just the fun
But also the remembering of God's only son

We celebrate with gifting and ample good cheer
Each one of us, a blessing, that contributes each year
With laughter and loving and being around
The message of Christmas inside us is found

For like the baby Jesus we'll  surely embrace
The family and the stranger inside of our place
The spirit of this season and the meaning we'll see
Is that Christmas isn't Christmas if it's just family..

For God the Almighty bent down from the sky
And welcomed the stranger: brought in you and I
And gave us His Goodness and  Mighty Good Way
By giving us Jesus on this Christmas Day

So open up your boundaries and let in the rest
Merry Christmas to everyone:  be this our new quest
For we like our Savior will want to be Light
And give hope to the hopeless and to everyone a good night..

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Let there be Christmas

Let there be Christmas and let there be fun
Not just for children but for everyone
Ornaments and presents and snowflakes as well
Beautiful memories that shopping can't sell

Let there be gatherings and sharing of love
Hugging and laughter inspired from above
Children all smiling with ribbons and bows
The old Christmas stories that everyone knows.

Let there be Santas and let there be joy
Let's celebrate Christmas and God's little Boy
Innocence and beauty and smiles all aglow
Christmas is happiness and God's overflow

Don't be a humbug or  a killjoy  today
Open up your presents and give some away
Like Heaven's manna and God's only Son
Be giving and loving and exclude not a one

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas, in the eyes of a child..

Slowly we get up and run for the tree
What are the presents, oh what could they be..?
Small ones and big ones and some light as air
Oh, how we waited to  see what was there..

The lights on the tree are so colorful and bright
The garland,  the tinsel are everywhere in sight
Ornaments of all sizes and a nativity scene too
Are all saying Merry Christmas to me and to you

Once we have opened them, the presents galore
We still have so much time  to be doing something more
So we chatter and we chatter and  eat something good
Remembering to be thankful, as we all know we should

Finally it is  ending and we will all go our way
Saying good bye to one another and to this beautiful day
With memories of laughter and lots of good cheer
We're so grateful for Christmas and this gathering here.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

For all of this happening....

Ribbons and boxes and presents galore
Sweet things and biscuits and hams from the store
Caroling, singing, and having some fun
Christmas is coming but remember God's Son

The tinsel the garland the lights on the tree
Are sparkling and glistening for you and for me
The stockings the candies the colorful  scene
Reminds us it's Christmas know what I mean

The laughter the gathering, the family all here
Is creating the ambient, the loving atmosphere
But with all of this celebrating this friendship this food
Let us remember our Jesus and show some gratitude

For all of this happening and for all of this joy
We  thank you dear Jesus for becoming a boy
And sleeping in the humbleness and laying in hay
While opening the first Christmas we are celebrating today..

Thank you dear Jesus..

Thursday, December 17, 2015

So, we sing of the treasures we need never purchase...

Oh how the morning is whispering its secrets
Quietly it is opening up its admirable deepness
Breezes and soundings and a sunrise.. all golden
Not everyone is so gifted to hear what is spoken..

So we sing of the treasures that we need never purchase
They are free for our having and never become worthless
Even before we know it; they are there for our seeing
The gifts that are given us:  so wonderful and so freeing...

Off to the races..we might even miss it...
The beauty the aura, the outpourings of the Spirit
Clinging to the could we ever need it..?
Surrendering the having: we'll become able to receive it.

So we sing of the treasures that we need never purchase
They are free for our having and never become worthless
Even before we know it; they are there for our seeing
The gifts that are given us: so wonderful and so freeing...

So we will marvel at the wonders and the beauty around us
And weigh in a balance the things that can cause a fuss
Which of all of our possessions in life can really matter...
The sparkling of the jewelry or the nonsense we gather..?

So we sing of the treasures that we need never purchase
They are free for our having and never become worthless
Even before we know it; they are there for our seeing
The gifts that are given us: so wonderful and so freeing...

Truly the most valuable of all of our possessions
Is not something we could  find in our shopping mall sessions
For that which is most golden and the most valuable heirloom
Is found in the beauty that cannot be confined to any space or  room...

So we sing of the treasures that we need never purchase
They are free for our having and never become worthless
Even before we know it; they are there for our seeing
The gifts that are given us:  so wonderful and so freeing...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Night Watch...

I touched the evening in every atom that passed me
And in all of the atmopshere was the mystery of gravity
While holding the elements and making  things new
The Eternal One was whispering to everyone : "I love you"

In the sparkling of the Astros that filled up the abode-ness
The songs of the Angelic Ones were starting to promote this:
"Light of the Lighted One and the Shine of the Shining Glow"
Thus, it was being passed on to me the things I ought to  know..

Hushed were the moments in the evening's  surrender
Quietness overtook it with a calmness to remember
Only the crackling of some dryness and the wind
Were heard in the passing of the breezes: so thin..

Often, it is the daylight that is the bringer of the beauty..
But it isn't so evident in the night time's gratuity
For hidden in the darkness and the absence of seeing
Is the Beauty that can create from our nothingness: a being.

So stand you in that awe-ness and try you to remember
That creativity is constant from January to December
No matter  the climate  and no matter the weather
Everything is directing us to to a vision that is better..

Sunday, December 13, 2015

A star with a mission

Shining and dancing and sparkling so high
Is a star with a mission one cannot deny
For chosen from others to announce a new thing
It points to a Baby who is also a King

Standing so proudly over Bethlehem aglow
It shines with a radiance so astrologers could know
That beneath all its sparkle, an Infant Divine
Has commissioned its purpose and asked it to shine

The mystery of all mysteries announced by its glow
Is remembered each year with all that we know:
That God in His Greatness has made Himself small
And is ever among us to embrace one and all..

So we sing of This Baby and we sing of His Star
Who danced in the Heavens and was seen near and far
Who was heralded by angels and saw by the poor
Whose name is Almighty and is loved ever more..

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Apart from it all..

Hear the silence how it's speaking :
Better lands through skies are peaking
Beyond the hustle and  the hurry
Is a place where there isn't worry...

With the calming of the spirit
Is a Place and God is near it..
Displaying beauty and a knowing
Secret ways: the soul is growing

Apart from all the great commotion
Quiet ways without promotion
Carrying whispers of the wisest
Far from all the compromises..

With the winged ones and the angels
We see life from all the angles
With the brightness of the asteroids
We find  truth without the tabloids

Thursday, December 10, 2015

In every moment and in everything that you are seeing..

Do you not know that there is a One who is always and ever seeing
Who is speaking in the wind and is in every place that you're fleeing
In every place that you have been  and in every place that you are
He is always there, ever present: whether you are near or you are far..

For all the secrets you've been keeping and for all the fears that you hide
There is a guardian angel waiting to manifest every tear you've cried
For it isn't even possible no it isn't something you'll will ever find
That any single second or moment should escape the  Eternal Mind

So know this as life is certain and as certain as the air you breathe
That there is an angel guardian beside you to help you know and believe
In the Everlasting UnCreatedness and in the Ever All Seeing Being
Who is in every moment of your life and in everything that you are seeing..

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Is there something we're missing?

Hovering around us in the wind and the breezes
An army of guardians watches as everything freezes
Though all things are slowing and the grass is all golden
This gathering of Beings share a warmth that they're holding..

While we are all shivering in the coldness of winter
A deployment of angels are  sent out to us hither
To remind us of the meaning of life and our season
In the midst of our shopping they're whispering "the reason?"

Papers and ribbons and the bows of all colors
We're wrapping and cutting and shouting for others...
Time is of the essence, for the clock keeps on ticking
We're wondering, we're gazing: "is there something we're missing?

Soon it'll  be Christmas and the lights and the tinsel
Will sparkle and will glisten like a shiny new whistle..
Calling out to our senses with  a feeling of great wonder
What is the real purpose for these gifts now asunder?

Monday, December 7, 2015

Let's not forget the reason for the season

The melodies of Christmas are in the air
And gifts and toys are  everywhere
News of the sales and brand new things
Are in the ads the media brings

While people are running here and there
And songs of the season are everywhere
We can see the signs of the things to buy
We cannot escape it so we don't even try..

While   wrapping the presents and preparing away
Let us not forget the reason for Christmas day
That the Great Almighty and the  Eternal One
Had lowered the Heavens and gave us His Son..

So Away in the Manger so many year ago
Lay a baby so human that it was hard to know
That beneath the smile and the human cry
Was hidden the Creator of our earth and sky..

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The coming of the winter

The coming of the winter is echoing through the breeze
Grass has lost her greenness and leaves are off the trees
Soon the winter solstice will invite us all to sing
Crystallizing icicles are touching everything

Hushed are all the flower-lets and gone are all the geese
Sudden sounds of coolness are whirling through the breeze
Chilliness has touched us and the  warmth is what we make
Whenever the chill of winter tries to freeze the steps we take

Soon the snowy blankets will fall upon the earth
And seedlings of the springtime will long for their rebirth
All the world will sparkle with an iciness galore
Whenever the Winter's coldness has chilled the earthen floor..

Friday, December 4, 2015

The most valuable lectures

Whenever you're speaking speak with great reverence
For the person receiving may not be wanting  insistance
So don't be a big bully or imposing with gestures
Remember your actions are the most valuable lectures

If you are a leader you are also a beacon
And you could be instructing without ever speaking
The people below you and everyone who's viewing
Is reaping the outcome of all of your schooling..

So be careful and prudent in all that you're saying
For everyone hearing sees  what you're displaying
And if words are not supported by a life filled with action
You'll soon be the recipient of a negative reaction...

Thursday, December 3, 2015

There is a healing...

I can see you, you are broken
By the  unkindnesses that were spoken..
You are shaking and you are fearful;
Your eyes are welling up and so tearful.

Let me help you, if I am able.
Sit down here with me at my  table
I will listen and I will befriend you
I will be everything you are needing me to

Do not worry and do not hesitate
I am here for you it doesn't matter how late
I can hear it and I can certainly feel it
That woundedness is inside of your spirit

Come now and  let us investigate
There isn't any time for us to deviate...
There is a healing and there is a wellness:
And together we'll find it in the One Most Selfless

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What is the real meaning of this season drawing near

What is the real meaning of this season drawing near
And what is its truest message: its reason we should hear
With all of this running and this buying to and fro
Have we truly forgotten..its purpose.. do we know?

Long lines and pushing inside of the busy mall..
People out there running looking for the best gift of all
Credit cards and checkbooks flashing about the busy line
With all of this happening: what is Christmas? Please define,,,

Is it Silent Night, Holy Night or is it: Deck the Halls..?
Wrapping up of the presents or is it dialing up some needed calls?
Who is it  we're celebrating or  what is it we're expecting here
Is this holiday about a memory or the payments waiting to clear?

Friday, November 27, 2015

The field across the way vs. Black Friday...

The Heavens lowered their clouds today
They rested on a field across the way
A filtered mist of cloud and steam
Gave this day the appearance of a dream..

Today is the day that the people will run
To the stores and malls until they are  done
With shopping and buying and getting the deals
So my view has been disrupted by the racing of wheels...

While I ponder the beauty of this brand new day
People are already awakened and scrambling away
To the places they've chosen to run and to run
Black Friday is a ritual that has to be done..

Some of them have slept there right next to the store
Waiting for someone to come and open up the door
Wanting to be the victor to be the first one
Who pushes past the people like a champion who's won....

The silence is still speaking despite all of this
And my vision of the field still carries its bliss
Of peacefulness and serenity that money cannot buy
The shoppers will keep shopping but I'll touch the sky..

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Let us be grateful...

Today is the  day when all across  our land
We gather together and join hand in hand
To thank the creator for blessing us  here
With Laughter and happiness and cups of good cheer

We have them the offerings from places on high
The  graces, the blessings, the elements and sky
With all that is needed and all that we've got
We should become thankful though sometimes we're not

The gathering of people in the homes all around
Remind us of the blessings and the gifts that abound
The giving and  the taking and the sharing of love
Are signs of the outpouring of the One up above...

So much to be thankful for and so much to recall
God has been so gracious and so kind to us all
The sheltering and the caring and the food that we  eat
Come from the bounty of the One we shall meet...

Happy Thanksgiving...let us be grateful..

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

In all our moments God has been..

Miracles, tiny miracles, happening each and every day
Without fanfare without warning God has sent them all our way
Just as needed, whenever needed: beautiful blessings we did see
From the angels,from the Heavens countless helps for you and me..

Can we count them as we see them wonderful signs of endless love..
In the peoples in the nations in the flowers that stretch above
Providence acting and reacting to the needs of one and all
Miracles happening and rehappening for the believer who chooses to call..

So we thank Him and we rethank Him each and every single day
But especially in these moment when we gather in this special way
To thank the Heavens and the Creator for the blessings we have seen
Lord, we thank You and we praise You: in all our moments You have been

Sunday, November 22, 2015

All the earth is weeping, crying.......

All the earth is weeping,  crying..
At the sound of children dying.
Fighting, warring,  bombs all bursting:
For the violence some are thirsting...

We the enders and  employers
Of the ones who are destroyers?
Shifting people,  entering nations:
With  intent of suicide stations

How to handle it, how to discern it:
Who's the violent and the legitimate?
Oh the problems and  the heartbreak;
Choosing wrongly brought bad intake...

Seeking wisdom,  seeking insight
Into an era of  terrifying blood fight
Who is helping and who is destroying
What type of visions are we employing???

Saturday, November 21, 2015

My banner of me-ness

I stood in the mirror and I started to cry
I found myself questioning, questioning why
Why am I so different: not like him or her
He is so wealthy and she is so secure

Then in an instant in a blink of an eye
All the aha moments fell down from the sky
I heard in my being and I heard in my heart
I am my own masterpiece and I'm going to start

Becoming that person I'm destined to be
Not letting society define what is me...
For deep  in my being and etched in my soul
Are all of the blueprints for my final goal

I'll follow them intently and radiate them  out
Everything that's hopeful and worthy of shout
No longer the victim of a comparative world
I will carry my banner of me-ness unfurled..

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The raindrops keep falling...

The raindrops keep falling down day after day
Soothing their rhythm but watery their way
Drenching and soaking and pouring from skies
These tiny little sprinklets bring tears to my eyes

Hear them their music is calling me within:
"We'll be your refreshment again and again
The moistening and cooling and dampness we bring
Are the delight of the plantlets and hope for the spring"

Walk out and catch them the droplets that fall
Feel them the atoms and molecules and all
Creating the newness in everything they touch
The rain drops are saying that God loves us much.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Let me stop just a moment..

Let me stop just a moment to hear all of the noises
Everything  that is moving and that without voices
Let me touch all the plantlets and the flowers and the trees
And feel every movement of the wind and the breeze

Let me hush up my activities and calm down my emotions
And slow down  my thinking and all of my commotions
Let me hear all of the unhearable and witness the visions
Hidden from the active and more valuable than riches...

Oh to touch what is touchless and see what is unseeable
And to  hear what is unspoken and to  know what is agreeable
Let me inhale all of the goodness that around me is waiting
And  take part in the wisdom that is apart from all debating..

Monday, November 16, 2015

In everything I can see the beautifulness

I can see the beautifulness and I can see the radiance
Coming out of  the sunrise and out of all of the elements
There's so much to be thankful for; so much that I can see
I can see the gifts of God and they are all calling out to me

There are all the winged ones and there are the crawling ones
All kinds of flowering trees and  every water form  that runs
In all of the entire universe and in all of the cosmos that are
I can hear that sounding voice of the One who is never really  too far

Oh the sound of the soundless ones and the cry of those who never cry
In the recesses of my inner beingness and  in the clouds that pass me by
Are echoes from the Eternal One and  echoes from the One who loves us all
Calling me back to that time when everything was about responding to His call

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The frost of Fall

The frost has fallen on the ground
And sparkling crystals roam around
Touching trees and grass and plants
With a chill that stops their dance

See the coldness feel the air
Icy vapors rise like prayer
Birds of warmer weather fly
To southern states without goodbye

Still around with coats of black
The crows and ravens never pack
For they're happy where they are
If they're near or if they're far..

So the silence of this time
Moves my heart to song and rhyme
Painting picture with my words
Capturing sights and songs of birds

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Oh the sadness ..

Too many are these outbreaks and these igniters  of the war
Striking out with a great cowardice in places where security is poor
If these were the great fighters and the great defenders of the divine
Why are they striking out from the darkness, where light doesn't shine?

These are the humanized forms of darkness that slither around the night
They claim to be doing justice but are really the enemies  of the light
Heartless in their slayings and the most brutal in their endeavor
These horrifically dressed terrorists will see the entrance to heaven: never

Crying out with a mighty voice they claim to be loyal to the Everlasting one
Yet who in all of the Heaven could ever condone anything they have done
An endless streams of tears have been falling from the eyes of our loving God
While angel beings pick up the brokenness these evil ones have left everywhere
    they have trod...

Thursday, November 12, 2015

As the morning sunrise brightens up the sky

I am watching as the morning sunrise brightens up the sky
Behind the rush of the  commuters that keep on passing by
The whirling whiz of the vehicles that are going here and there
Are passing by the golden aura without a second to care...

I can hear the chirping sparrows that are serenading the day
Each one with their own sounding that sends the sorrows away
Oh the delicateness of the melodies that come from  birds so small
So many there are that will pass them without hearing them at all..

I can feel the earliest coolness that is seeping through the air
Its whispering the numerous messages that are circulating everywhere
In the lightness and in the breezes and in the gustiness of the wind
Eternity is saying " I love you's" over and over again..


For all our soldiers: a thank you please

Ducking from bullets  up overhead
Picking up wounded, picking up dead
Years of  great service all in a row
Veteran soldiers need to know

That their service wasn't in vain
Neither their suffering or their pain
Everything given nothing held back
All it was needed, that's a fact

Storms and catastrophes they were there
Boots on the ground or boots in the air
Putting out the fires or keeping the peace
For all the soldiers: a thank you please..

Monday, November 9, 2015

Early morning rains

Early morning rains are playing upon my window sill
I hear them as they dance: so soothing it is to heart and will
Oh the sound of rain: it's like an healing ointment on my mind
Peacefully it falls down and rests on everything it can find..

Splashing across the trees and playing upon the many plants
Softly falling rains invite the world to rise up and dance
Feel the rhythmic sounds and see the droplets as they fall
Every one of them is the same for they whisper out when they call

Feel the moistening flow: cooling droplets from the Heavens above
Touching us inside and echoing sentiments from the One Who is love
Providing  for us  night and day with an ever sparkling  flow
Of love and care and kindnesses which we have come to know

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Beautiful bursts of sunlight

Beautiful bursts of sunlight
are invading my inner room
Dancing about my kitchen
and quickly starting to zoom
Touching the furniture and appliances
 and making it possible to see
How wonderful it is to witness
the Divine One's artistry

Speaking to all of the universe
and inviting us all to rise
The Creator of the cosmos
and the Holder of the skies
Will shower us with His blessings
 and enable us with His grace
So that we might be able to ponder
the Divine-ness in every place

We are the observers of this greatness
 and we are moved by all we see:
Who, in the face of all the oceans,
or in the midst of the tossing sea
Can doubt the Eternalness of the Maker
or question the power that is
In everything that is created
here on earth and beyond all the bliss

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Speak only kind words...

Speak only kind words, the words that can heal
Avoid all the harsh ones that can inwardly kill
Be you, that person, who will always relay
Words that are soothing that brighten each day

Avoid all those tempters who will call and allure
Encouraging you to patterns that are unhealthy for sure
Inviting you to gossip and inviting you to say
Things that are destructive and bad for the day...

You are that hero, that hope for the alone
Carry your brightness into every single home
Speak with that sweetness that comes from above
And be you, that person that mirrors God's love

Friday, November 6, 2015

Through the viewing of the morning...

Golden rays of sunlight are draping across the sky
While shadows of the evening are slowly passing by
Sounds of the waking bird-lets and the early morning rush
Are mingling with the hours that the new winds start to touch..

Rising up  each morning, I pause to meditate
And think of all the wonders that'll greet me before eight
I hear the ruffling branches and can see the stretching trees
All the morning's treasures are whispering through the breeze

Even the most quiet of things,  those things I cannot view
Are creeping into the sunlight that is quietly passing through
The tiniest little violets and the most hidden little mites
Are contributing to the atmosphere that amazes and delights..

So pause with me each morning and take some time to think
Of all the marvelous wonderfulness we are privileged to drink..
Through the viewing of the morning and its early breaking hours
We are receiving the supplements that inspire us and empowers..


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Before the sun starts rising...

Before the sun starts rising look up at the sky
Millions of little star-lets are looking at you and I
A vast enormous blackness is stretching out so wide
While little bursts of lightness are dancing in the sky

Silent sounds and whisperings are riding in the air
Little voices of angels are echoing here and there
Inside the subtle breezes and in the rustling wind
Creation shares her stories and tells them over again

If the messages come in the silence and in the lack of noise
It's good that we would be silent and quiet down our voice
So that the wisdom of angels and of those who have gone before
Can create in us a cavern where life mysteries are adored...

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

From quiet places in the night

Starry nights are all lit up
without a cloud to block the view
Beautiful auras are radiating
from these lights for me and you
Quiet moment in the night time
 are speaking volumes to one and all
Listening carefully, we can hear them,
all the angels as they call

Somber settings may settle in now
 as the darkness starts to creep around
And we may wonder what kind of beauty
in such shadows can be found..
But in the absence of the noisiness
and in the quietness of the night
Is heard the whispers of those spirits
 who will lift us up in light

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Embrace all these moments

Embrace all these moments and savor this hour
Inhale every atom. every moleculed power
Listen intently and hear past the noise
Silence is speaking without any voice

Reach for the cosmos and touch all the stars
Hear every echo in this universe of ours
Whisper with reverence and join in the dance
Morning is singing and so are the plants

Hold every second, every moment today
Hear what is speaking in the most awesome way
Throughout all these minutes and all of the time
Mysteries are unfolding and inspiring the rhyme

Pause for that instant, that moment sublime
When secrets are present and blessing our time
Hear all their nuances their sweet frequencies
Great are their sounds, their grand symphonies

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Speak to me secrets that hide in the earth...

Speak to me secrets that hide in our earth
Wisdom and knowledge that initiates birth
Wonders of heaven and mysteries divine
Speak to me, speak to me: in my soul shine,..

Enlighten my darkness and shine ever clear
Inside of every fog storms allow me to hear:
Directions and guidance on where I should go
Enlighten my spirit with things I should know

I am a learner and my heart's open wide
Send forth Your spirit Your Presence confide
Into my being and throughout every day
Speak to me messages enlighten my way...

Friday, October 30, 2015

Here today, gone tomorrow

Here today and gone tomorrow
We are here, but to borrow:
Life and love and interaction
Every moment is just a fraction

Of the moments, of the ever
Lent to us from the Forever
We are passing, slowly leaving
From this place where we are breathing

So we are valuing every second
Embracing moments as they beckon
From the portals, where unspoken
They encourage the forward motion.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

You are beautiful, you are..

You are beautiful, you are deserving,
 you are worthy of every good thing
Do not accept it, do not allow it,
 anything toxic or words that sting
For you were created and you were incarnated
 from the mind of a loving God
Take everything about you and everything  in you
 into a world that may not applaud

You have been through great things and through little things
 and through many a place
Do not allow discouragements or disappointments
to have their rule inside your space
For you are capable and  most able
to do almost anything you are wanting to
Anything outside you or around you are but
stepping stones to help you through

Take some moments now and some seconds now
to ponder over everything you have seen
There have been good days and some bad days
and some folks: both kind and mean
What you do now, from this instant,
and from this moment you are about to begin
Will be determined by your most inner beingness
securely knit so deep within...

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Caught up in a heartache

For Anna

This situation, this moment I dread
Challenges my spirit and aches in my head
I can't seem to shake it and can't seem to sleep
Help me dear angels; these waters are deep

All of my efforts and all of my time
Seem to be caught up in some places sublime
I can't get the answers and can't get relief
Heartaches are robbing my peace like a thief

I've tried every remedy and tried every cure
If there is a healing I'm hoping it'll occur
It there is an answer to all of my "Whys"
Tell me dear angels for great are my sighs..

I've walked through the moments and said every prayer
Hoping my anguish would disappear in the air
But luck hasn't blessed me and I'm still so afraid
Please dearest Angels I'm feeling betrayed..

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Vision to see..

I have touched upon the woundedness of all humanity
In my silent moments of dreaming I was give the vision to  see
The peoples and the cities and the nations: one by one
Crying out to all of the Heavens for the outrages in them done

Across the many mile-lets and throughout the oceans wide
I could hear the many peoples that have cried and cried and cried
The bombings and the disasters and the famine and the greed
Have reached the heights of Heavens oh wont you  intercede..?

It could be said that they are foreigners; why is it I should care
But they are also the adopted ones of the One who gave us air
They fell into some misfortunes and into some hands unkind
Their voices and their heartaches are challenging to my mind..

What will we do, as a people, for these broken ones we see
From the people in our ghettos to the ones over there that flee
From the invaders of their countries and the rulers who are unfair
How can we keep on ignoring the brokenness  everywhere..

Monday, October 26, 2015

What if every person...

What if every person thought more about the other
Embraced every person like a sister or a brother?
What if  every country every nation all around
Was welcoming and inviting: no prejudices  found

Oh we would be a people: a creative energy
That displayed unbound kindness and endless charity
And everywhere we'd venture whether here or over there
Would feel like our own homeland and radiate such care

What if every person thought more about the other
Embraced every person like a sister or a brother?
What if  every country every nation all around
Was welcoming and inviting: no prejudices  found

There wouldn't be the boundaries or borders so defined
I would embrace your families and you would welcome mine
Everybody would be more loving and everybody would share
If people started living like God's children everywhere..

What if every person thought more about the other
Embraced every person like a sister or a brother?
What if  every country or every nation all around
Was welcoming and inviting: no prejudices  found

WE would see the miracles that we were longing for
For everybody would be united and strive all the more
To bring to every person every being that is alive
The happiness and well being they're needing to survive

What if every person thought more about the other
Embraced every person like a sister or a brother?
What if  every country every nation all around
Was welcoming and inviting: no prejudices  found

But here's the saddest story that is ever to be told
We with all our knowledge have embraced a way so old
Where tit for tat is practiced and forgiveness is unheard
We kill our sisters and brother while saving trees and bird

What if every person thought more about the other
Embraced every person like a sister or a brother?
What if  every country every nation all around
Was welcoming and inviting: no prejudices  found

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Take care of Your people

I heard, when silent: my neighbor's cry
Their struggle, their worries, their every sigh
And though there's distance from here to there
I sent up to the Heaven's this earnest prayer:

Take care of Your people, their needs, their wants
From Your bright throne, Your Eternal Founts
For You are the Lord of the Heavens and the earth
Take care of every person You have been with since birth

Those people in the war zones so far away
Are speaking to my heart in a most special way
And though I'm so distant and not where they are
I am whispering these words for those who are far:

Take care of Your people, their needs, their wants
From Your bright throne, Your Eternal Founts
For You are the Lord of the Heavens and the earth
Take care of every person You have been with since birth

And for that poor prisoner inside of his or her cell
I beg of You, Lord, to watch over them well
For they may have strayed and have wounded Your heart
But You dearest Lord can give them a new start:

Take care of Your people, their needs, their wants
From Your bright throne, Your Eternal Founts
For You are the Lord of the Heavens and the earth
Take care of every person You have been with since birth

In hospitals and nursing home and anywhere else
Look after the dying, Lord and those by themselves
For You are their Creator, their Life Source and all
Whenever they're lonely Lord send someone to call:

Take care of Your people, their needs, their wants
From Your bright throne, Your Eternal Founts
For You are the Lord of the Heavens and the earth
Take care of every person You have been with since birth

Saturday, October 24, 2015

We have enough

what is it that we are looking for
All around ourselves, in  every door?
What is it that we seek as true
We run and run till day is through

Each day we rise and run and run
Till day is through, till day is done
And at the end when we lie down
We're still uptight and hide our frown

The cash it flows and it never stays
The work is endless and long our days
Because we labor, work and stress
We find that time is less and less

When we step back and pause and plead
With our inner selves bout things we need
WE hardly mention it inside our voice
That freedom from bustling is our best choice

I think ]we are best when we are still
And in touch with our selves and how we feel
But we are so busy and so full of stuff
That we cannot hear that we have enough...

Then finally we see it: our grace is here
And everything we're chasing will disappear
For we've found our answer and our happiness
Inside of our spirits the purest bliss

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hope is rising in the morning...

There's always tomorrow and a new day for the tides to turn around
Don't be disheartened or unraveled by the failures you have found

Hope is rising  in the morning in the sky that's splashed with blue
Keep on waiting and expecting: brighter days will shine on through

The score is hopeless, facts have been figured: all is looking bleak and gray;
Then you remember, in an instant, that tomorrow's still a brand new day:

Hope is rising in the morning, in the sky that's splashed with blue
Keep on waiting and expecting: brighter days will shine on through

Your yearly checkup has left you frightened, with the outcome of the test;
Then you hear the doctor chime in : there is a remedy and its the best

Hope is rising in the morning, in the sky that's splashed with blue
Keep on waiting and expecting: brighter days will shine on through

People failed you and deserted you, left your stranded and all alone
Then you heard them: all the angels, who surround you and God's throne

Hope is rising in the morning, in the sky that's splashed with blue
Keep on waiting and expecting: brighter days will shine on through

You are struggling with finances or some plans have come undone.
You look up wondering and disheartened.So much heartache on the run...

Hope is rising in the morning, in the sky that's splashed with blue
Keep on waiting and expecting: brighter days will shine on through...

When you lie down in your bedding and are pulling up that blanket dear
Listen carefully and intensely. I'm sure this anthem you will hear:

Hope is rising in the morning, in the sky that's splashed with blue
Keep on waiting and expecting: brighter days will shine on through...

Monday, October 19, 2015

Know that our God will help you....

Are you aching bathed inside a pool of pain
Do you search for remedies time and time again
Have you exhausted every pain killer you can find
Rest for a moment inside the Heart of God so kind

Know that our God will help you in all of your suffering
And He will assist you with concerns that are burdening
Just give it all to Him everything that is hurting
He is  Omnipresent and will give more than we're deserving..

Do you feel abandoned,  like no one is understanding you?
Have you spent hours just wondering  what you should do?
Has there been dark moments inside of your fragile path way
Moments of uncertainty when you were longing for a better day?

Know that our God will help you in all of your suffering
And He will assist you with concerns that are burdening
Just give it all to Him everything that is hurting
He is  Omnipresent and will give more than we're deserving..

Take just a few moments out of your very busy day
And whisper some words of praise to One who hears you as you pray
You are never abandoned or left alone inside your daily plight
For you're in the arms of One who gave this world it's only Light..

Know that our God will help you in all of your suffering
And He will assist you with concerns that are burdening
Just give it all to Him everything that is hurting
He is  Omnipresent and will give more than we're deserving..

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sensing the moments and feeling the time

Feel them, the hours; they're starting to wake.
See them,the atoms, as they're starting to create:
The moments, the seconds, the inchlets of time?
Everything is whispering some words for a rhyme..

Breathe in and relish it:  the newness of the day
So soothing and relaxing: this oxygenated way
That greets us, the sleepers, who are ready to rise
Magnificent the awesomeness displayed in the skies...

See it and savor it the beautifulness and more
Painted and stretched out from the sky to the floor
All of the creativeness and the energies so Divine
Are sparkling through the visions that on us do shine..

Oh taste it and savor it the sweetness of the dew
It's shining out and radiating the Heavens, its true
So secretly and so solemnly laid out before morn
Droplets of moisture mend what  weather has torn

Embrace them and hold them: these eternities of love
Descending from and transcending the boundaries above
Something so mysterious so challenging in them we find
Each morning we can ponder them they enlighten our mind..

Friday, October 16, 2015

The big sale...

Slow down the moving and slow down the pace
Everything is spinning all over the place
The people, the running, the feeling afraid
Of losing those offers, those items on  parade

The rushing, the pushing, the mad dash around:
Grabbing and gasping over niceties found..
This one or that one or maybe over there
Sale items are moving and calling with care....

One hundred, two hundred, three hundred or four
We have to keep buying these treasures galore..
We're pulling out plastics, our visas, our cash
Shopping is a workout that will make us all crash...

When finally it's over:  the big shopping spree
We'll look at our buggies and count: one, two three..
The number of items,  the number of bags
Seem hardly realistic:  there' are so many tags.....

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

At the beach front

The rythmic rumble of all the waves
rolling into the shore
Echoes inside my seeking soul
and makes me desire for more
The music of the universe,
the soundings of the elements around
Speaks to me of the Omnipotent One
which inside each of these are found.

The softness of the sugary sand
and the dampness of the breeze
Inspires in me the poetic lines
which exist in all the seas
Gulls in flight and the endless view
of the ocean so bright and blue
Tells me things that angels see
which are relayed to me and you...

The time inside this quiet morn;
the sights,  the senses, the smells
Speak to me of eternity
and  the Diviness  that over swells
Thoughout all of the created ones and
in everywhere and every place:
Oh, the silence that speaks to us:
It's enamored with so much grace.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Savor each moment

The early hours are entering into my sleepiness, now past
Trickles of the morning sun are leaving memories that will last
Sounds of singing birds, afar, are filtering through the air
Something about the early morn is whispering: "I do care.."

Cooler temperatures are arriving with the colorfulness of the fall
Warming colors and quieter tones are immersing us in so much awe
The crispness of the fallen leaves and the scampering of the squirrels
Remind us that there is something more than all of our aimless whirls

Taking the time we need each morning to savor the beauty  around
Is the sign of the purest gratitude that is not always so easily found
For we are, too often, caught up in self and the things that we must do
That we fail to notice the pricelessness of  each moment  we pass  through

Friday, October 9, 2015

Oh, when will we listen..?

The stars in the sky are wanting to fall
Sighs from the sidewalks are starting to call
Violence and bloodshed and selfishness and greed
Somebody must stop this..Will somebody intercede...

The reasoning is wanting for all of this fight
People should be loving and doing what's right
But coldness is conquering and greatness is gone
All that we're viewing is a new kind of dawn...

The rivers of bloodshed are carrying away
Lives that have vanished and tomorrow's new day
For peoples are engaging in ways that are wrong
Chasing away angels and Heaven pure song..

Oh, when will we listen and when will we care
About  kindness and mercy and answers to prayer
The spirit is still whispering and ever so near
We have only to open up and be ready to hear..

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cool are the breezes that kiss me this morning

Cool are the breezes that kiss me this morning
Summer has left us and the wind is informing
That all of the seconds and all of the hours
Will soon become absent of the beautiful flowers.

Suddenly the green grass is starting to lighten;
Leaves are all falling as the fibers untighten.
Insects are scampering and running like crazy;
Seeking a warm place to rest and be lazy..

Autumn is with us and is kissing us  gently
Speaking of wisdom,  we should listen intently
To all of her soundings and of all her breezes
For Fall carries secrets that winter wind freezes.

Reach out and touch them every second and moment
Hold them all closely like gems you have chosen
Cherish them  carefully and carry them inside you
For hours of the Autumn will soon be a memory too

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

El Faro, the cargo ship

Sorrowful soundings, from the ocean are rising.
El Faro, the cargo ship, in winds so surprising:
Was lost in an instant and now there is crying.
From waters that held them, the echoes of the dying..

For a vessel of employees, the hurricane was deadly.
Like a messenger singing:the winds sang their medley:
Who could withstand it,  the overpowering  of Joaquin?
Eyes could not see it,  the destructiveness was unseen

Searching the waters, for remnants of El Faro:
Perhaps it will show up,  today or  tomorrow.?
The stories of struggling  the last minutes of breathing
Are lost in the whirlwind of the hurricane's deceiving..

Now we await  them:  the vessels of these spirits
Who vanished in the battle that pushed all their limits
Without any armory or weapons for the weather
These men went  united  in their last ride together

El Faro, El Faro we grieve for your downing
Each passenger and shipmate was resistant to drowning
But the winds wouldn't have it, and  the hurricane blasted
The blow that would end it, for all  who had lasted..

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The storm keeps on coming..

The winds, they are  blowing with a saturated air
And hurricane Joaquin continues his pattern unfair.
He's battering the islands and the coastlands around
This storm keeps on coming with a merciless pound..

The warnings have sounded and the waters all rise
A grayness has invaded our beautiful blue skies
The torrents and the showers and the endless parade
Of droplets and downpours are being displayed..

The weathermen are guessing and watching the map
Different patterns are proving its a hard one to nab
Because Joaquin keeps roaring and pushing his way
Through coastland and waters and many a day..

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Let Me help you with your brokenness ...

Let Me help you with your brokenness and let Me enable you to smile
Let us take out all that hurtfulness that has paved your every mile
You have been crying and  are weeping and  are needing some good rest
Stay here within My presence and I'll keep you as My guest.

Those memories you are holding to,  that are making you so weak
Let us turn them into victories and into something so unique
That on seeing them inside  you, you'll no longer want to cry
For they'll become your trophies and you'll want to raise them high...

Think of it, My special one: to Me, you are so very dear
There's nothing I wouldn't do for you. You're so precious, it is clear
Though you have known such suffering and have struggled to make it through
 I'll be for you, your Strength right now  and I will help you in all do

Friday, October 2, 2015

The winds of Autumn

The winds of Autumn are carrying some rain
And the breezes are tapping on the old window pane
The storms can be  quiet or they can be loud
This one keeps changing and chasing the crowd

See how the droplets are making their flight
They're falling and falling on everything in sight
They're carrying their secrets of the upcoming storm
Whispering "preparedness is what we all warn"

Let all of the weather and all of the wind
Do what they're  doing and keep yourself in
But if you must venture and take to the road
Remember the forecast and all you've been told.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The path of Joaquin

Pouring showers have been pounding on the doors and window panes
Endless pelting continuous flowing from the Heavens come the rains
Oh the beauty and the soundings of the tones we chance to hear
All the creatures they are scampering too much for them this atmosphere

Up the coast line, slowly forming Hurricane Joaquin turns around
Winds are roaring and combining with  the waters he has found
Keep them safe Lord, all the peoples who will be in this one's path
Numbers tell us, that he's coming, with a punch that's carrying a wrath..

Hurricane season is so uncertain with its rainy weather sure to swell
All the coastlines and the beaches: so many stories they can tell
Of the weather and the waters that approach them day to day
Holy angels we are pleading be near the people who are in Joaquin's way...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Be that ray of sunshine....

Walk into each  new day with a smile that you can share
Never pass a person without showing them you care
The world is full of many thing but not enough of love
Be that ray of sunshine and a gift from God above...

Carry into each happening a spark of "we can do"
Never let the negative be a message come from you
Be that person who will bring  that positiveness galore
Too much of that "not so good" can push us out the door....

Every one of us is needing it: that extra:  "you can do"
Each of us can be that one that inspires the other through
Everything that is happening and everything that is not
Be that ray of sunshine and the warmth that's always sought

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Moistening rounds of raindrops

Sounds of the previous evening are slowly passing away
While rays of the waking morning are initiating the day
Quietness is being  broken by the  rush  of passing cars
Night time is almost over and invisible are the stars..

Droplets of heavy moisture are continuing with their run
They shower upon every plantlet and every element: one by one
Sparkling with the sparkles from the  freshly fallen rain
Everything  is becoming a vision of what newness we can attain

Mornings songs are sounding and are riding through the air
Creatures of the daylight are embracing their due share
Of moistening rounds of rain drops and early morning dew
What a wonderful form of mana being enjoyed by me and you..

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Everything is a mirror of love...

The coolness of the autumn breeze rouses up the day
Golden beams with softest glow brighten up the way
The morning sun with its array of goldeness everywhere
Shines upon the waking world: we feel the Everlasting Care...

Droplets of the morning dew are shining on everything around
Trees are bending upwards more and whispering without a sound
The flowers of the passing summer are beginning to fade away
Subtle sounds of autumn leaves are echoing throughout the day..

Breathe in early all this air that's passing  us through the dawn
Let the freshness of its breeze encourage your inner song
Touch the tempo of the universe and let it not pass you by
Everything is a mirror of love. You can see it, if you try..

Friday, September 25, 2015

Gather up all those treasured things

There is beauty, there is sadness, there is mixtures of good and bad
Every morning, every evening, things can delight us or make us sad
How we handle it, how we deal with it, how we proceed from day to day
Is what tells us what we're made of...not another's opinion or say

We must strive for and endeavor to make the best of everything around
Embracing good times and the bad times in every place that we are found
For it's not the braggart or the famous or the billionaire with things galore
That changes the world into something better but the soul with inner store.

So gather up   those treasured things that money can't ever buy
And take it into your innerness where beauty and wisdom lie
So that you'll be able to radiate to a world so desperately in need
The secretness of happiness that comes to those without greed.....

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Soft gentle droplets...

Soft gentle droplets falling from the sky
Soak  into the universe and cool off you and I
Sparkling little diadems and precious little gems
Flow out from the Heavens like a cooling showering cleanse

Hear them as they whisper and see them as they splash
Countless little molecules more valuable than cash
They touch upon the greenery and moisten all the earth
Every single raindrop is a vessel giving birth...

Hold them in your sacredness and see them as they are
They're carrying every atom of the last existing star
Though they're speaking languages of unrequitted love
Nothing they are carrying is meant to be let go of

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

With the first sign of light...

As the first rays of sunlight are trickling inside
And the sounds of the universe are rousing outside
I rise up and I listen and I hasten to hear:
Everything is moving throughout the atmosphere..

The sunlight is glistening and it is  touching us all
It's whispering through the breezes and it's readying to call
Each person and creature and element and plant
God's wisdom is speaking to us as the rest of us can't

Through movements of restlessness and staggering delay
Each of us is making ready  to embrace this new day
There's beauty and there's wonder and a variety galore
Just waiting for us patiently to open up our door..

The aromas of the  morning:  the  flowers and the trees
Are dancing upon the elements and riding through the breeze
They're touching us so inwardly and  moving us to see
That there's  so much more to be noticing: it's hard not to agree

We must all make an effort and we must all make a note
That  everything is whispering the words of God in quote
For everything that's around us and everything everywhere
Is a constant reminder of the One we see in our  prayer..

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Take all these seconds...

Take all these seconds these measurements of time
And put them together and create some sweet  rhyme
Tell of the mysteries and tell of the grace
That blesses each moment and garnishes each place..

Waste not a second and let not escape
This beauty, this  aura which on us does drape
From the Heavens and the  portals of the Infinite Divine
How privileged and special to experience such Shine

The hours are passing and soon it will be
Time to be moving and time for activity...
So let this be sacred and let this be done
This most special moment: our morning's begun...

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Take time this morning....

Close down the media and shut of your phones
Quiet your spirit and rest your poor bones
Everything's a whirlwind and you are so stressed
Take time this morning and hear how you're blessed

Every day's a new day and every day is  for you
A blessing,a lesson and a dream coming true
How you will  be using it and how you will not
Will determine your blessings: though they are unsought

Stop, then,  for a moment and stop all of that rush
There's time for the happenings, no matter how much
The important thing's are inside you and apart from the race
Take time every morning  and soak in all of  God's grace....

Friday, September 18, 2015

Everyone is a part of my own tapestry

Cars are passing by outside
So many stories inside them hide
People driving who I haven't met
I wonder what makes each one fret

Prayers are sent up every day
For those unknown ones along my way
Who pass me by but I'll never know:
I wonder about them as they go...

Have you stopped to ponder about
The people you pass while you're out:
If they are happy or if they are sad;
What kind of life they might have had?

Sometimes it can help  us  to stop and think
That everyone is a connector and a link
To something more  we are meant to see
Everyone is a part of my own tapestry..

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Oh the masses fleeing from their war torn land

Oh the masses fleeing from their war torn land
Wandering homeless looking for somebody to understand
There are no more openings countries willing to take them in
This displaced exodus of victims trying to escape terrorism

Who will help them : these homeless, helpless band of refugees
All of us are feeling it and calling it such a shameful tragedy
Yet what will we do now as one people united under the banner of God
Will we close our eyes and wish them well along the road they trod?

Yes, who will help them and who will provide for them a place
They are all so hungry and all bare so much anguish on their face
See them the children and the aged ones so barely able to walk?
We all feel so sorry but that is only in the media and in our talk

Who will help them : these homeless, helpless band of refugees
All of us are feeling it and calling it such a shameful tragedy
Yet what will we do now as one people united under the banner of God
Will we close our eyes and wish them well along the road they trod?

What will we do then as we watch that scourge tear up their land
People are crying as they leave with very little possessions in hand
Exhausted and aimless as they walk and walk to who knows where
All of us watching claim to talk to God daily in our prayer??

Who will help them : these homeless, helpless band of refugees
All of us are feeling it and calling it such a shameful tragedy
Yet what will we do now as one people united under the banner of God
Will we close our eyes and wish them well along the road they trod?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Will you have rest?

Will you be silent and will you be still?
Take some free moments and quiet your will..
Slow down your thinking and slow down your pace;
Breathe in each moment, there's no need to race

Will be restless or will you be calm?
Allow every moment to touch you like balm.
Have  you some respite or have you some time?
Enjoying the universe is never a crime.

You seem to be frazzled and unable to rest
Too many worries cause pain in your chest
There;s  have to's, there's want to's and everything else
Must you keep going? Your mind slowly melts..

Monday, September 14, 2015

Summer's slow departure

I saw a flock of geese today and there was frost upon the ground
A certain sense of nippiness was in the  breezes all around
Something, inside me, was telling me that the fall was drawing near
And the sounds of summer, once so loud, will suddenly disappear

The coolness of the autumn months and the colors soft and warm
Will overtake the flowery blooms that cause the bees to swarm
The crawling creatures of the earth will plan their wintry rest
While gathering up their food supplies, choosing the very best..

The grass is slowing down her growth and the ants are on the run
While mother earth is opening up: seeds fall in one by one
It is the ending  of another season and a time to bid farewell
To everything that is summery though we love it all so well..

Saturday, September 12, 2015

These gems of atmosphere

These seconds, these moments, these inchlets of time
Are creating the backdrops and triggers for rhyme
This beauty, this wonderfulness this exquisite space
Is bursting and bubbling with  unimaginable grace

So grasp them and hold them and keep them all near
These graces, these blessings, these gems of atmosphere

The daybreak, the sunlight, the breezes of our day
Are inviting and enlightening and influencing our way
The vapors, the raindrops,  the dewdrops yet unseen
Are all of them an echoing of the eternity pristine

So grasp them and hold them and keep them all near
These graces, these blessings, these gems of atmosphere

The thunder, the lightning, the earth quakes galore
Are speaking to us messages that are unsettling our floor
The wind storms, the tidle waves, the hurricanes each year
Are carrying in them the outbursts of every person's fear

So grasp them and hold them and keep them all near
These graces, these blessings, these gems of atmosphere

The night time, the darkness, the shadows that surround
Are hiding all the mysteries that are waiting to be found
The infinite, the cosmos and the things that are beyond
Are sighing and are singing in the forms we should respond..

So grasp them and hold them and keep them all near
These graces, these blessings, these gems of atmosphere

Thursday, September 10, 2015

These quiet moments

These quiet moments silently keep
Energies and healings and echoes so deep
Sending us guardians, spirits from  God
Angel protectors for wherever we trod

Only in silence, the absence of noise
Can we be hearing the Eternal One's voice
Speaking the wisdom and the everlasting way
Giving us guidance and light for our day

Preparing the spirit and quieting the mind
This is the way that the prudent shall find
The treasures they're seeking, their silver their gold
Valued more highly than currencies sold

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hypocrisy in every line

Yes, I love the Lord and yes I do believe
But that stranger at my door.. I wouldn't ever receive?

And so I raise my placard and my Christian flag up high
Saying I'm so truly grateful that "I'm not like the other guy"?

Yes, I love the Lord and yes I do believe
But that stranger at my door.. I wouldn't ever receive?

I am so much more better than "that" sinner.. that person at the bar..
For the righteous ones are with me  and the evil ones are far...?

Yes, I love the lord and yes I do believe
But that stranger at my door.. I wouldn't ever receive?

From the liberalistic and their dogmas I am so quick to keep aloof
But I cling to my sacred bible and hammer them with its truth?

Yes, I love the lord and yes I do believe 
But the stranger at my door...I wouldn't ever receive?

So how can you say you're faithful while looking the other way
Saying we all have right to marry the heterosexual and  the gay...?

Yes, I love the lord and yes I do believe
But the stranger at my door.. I wouldn't ever receive?

If you have gotten this far in reading this twisted and troubled  rhyme
You would have surely come to notice there's  hypocrisy in every line

Yes, I love the lord and yes I do believe
But the stranger at my door.. I wouldn't ever receive?

Monday, September 7, 2015

Is anybody watching and does anybody care

The roaming and homeless are wandering around
Seeking safe havens and a more peaceful town
Children and women and old men and young
All are in a transit their sorrows are sung

Is anybody watching us and does anybody care
Can  you see our brokenness displayed on the aire?
Oh what are you waiting for and why don't you react 
We are like the forsaken our homelands are sacked

We with our with our safeties our securities intact
Can we ever imagine how we would react
If we were sent roaming and homeless one day
Would we be seeking shelter and be turned away...?

Is anybody watching us and does anybody care
Can  you see our brokenness displayed on the aire?
Oh what are you waiting for and why don't you react 
We are like the forsaken our homelands are sacked

The war torn, the weary, the starving for food
Are passing before us by all of us are viewed
But we with our comforts and coziness galore
Could never imagine being embattled by war

Is anybody watching us and does anybody care
Can  you see our brokenness displayed on the aire?
Oh what are you waiting for and why don't you react 
We are like the forsaken our homelands are sacked

The thousands upon thousands that are fleeing with fear
Are echoing inside me in the breezes I hear
The crying, the pleading, the searching for aid
How long will we ignore them this helpless briggrade

Is anybody watching us and does anybody care
Can  you see our brokenness displayed on the aire?
Oh what are you waiting for and why don't you react 
We are like the forsaken our homelands are sacked

© Joy Pachowicz. 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Our speech will betray us

Carefully created or out in a rush
Words can be gentle or not good enough
Cutting us deeply or soothing like oil
Sometimes our speaking can make us all boil

Rejoicing the heavens or demons in hell
Talking can destroy us or serve us all well
Too often we're clueless, too often we're blunt
Our words can be honest or making a front.

Choosing them carefully or letting them fall
How we construct them is affecting us all
Think we are all prudent or are we all fools?
Speech will betray us and our set of rules

Friday, September 4, 2015

In the hours passing by

The crickets are singing with the cicadas in the trees
Their echoes are riding  the barely blowing breeze
The lightness, the brightness, the blessings galore
Are some of the things that they're all singing for

Quietly the branches are reaching for the sky
On them are the colors of  the many who will fly..
Standing so nobly, so majestic, and so tall
The trees of the forest with their inner voices call..

Without any murmurings or soundings we can hear
The grasses and the meadows create an atmosphere
Of calmness and hopefulness and peacefulness too
All of creation is a continual "I love you"

The days and the minutes and the hours passing by
Speak to us of a wisdom that created you and I
Eternity, mortality and the uncreated Divine
Are becoming more together as the moments unwind..

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The night storm..

I heard the thunder the lightning the wind
Each one with a moment that it would begin
Rousing the plant-lets and blowing the trees
Storm clouds  were releasing a harrowing breeze

Soaking the earth floor and washing away
Everything dusty: the remnants of  day
Noisy-ness greatness and powerful-ness galore
Joined up together and knocked on my door.

Flashes of lightning in more than one stroke
Lit up the places where light bulbs were broke
Dazzled and frazzled and awed at one time
My spirit was ignited and penned down this rhyme

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Inhale the healing

Inhale the healing  that is riding in the wind of this brand new day
All of the molecules are working together to lead us into a better way...
Every one of the elements and plantlets stretching out across the land
Are carrying secrets to health and wholeness: do you really understand?

Helpful healers are emerging from the tiniest sprouts so green
Crying out to us to take notice of them in their places so unseen
Reaching out to us with the essense of all that is nourishing to our heart
All the plantlets are harboring elements most needed to give us a healing start

Must we pass them by each day inside of our whirlwinds of have to dos?
Is it possible that we might take notice of them and freely opt and choose
To rest our searching eyes and hungry spirits upon their path to peace
So that we might be able to know their energy and their therapeutic release...?

Monday, August 31, 2015

Pouring rains

Soaking showers  pouring down
Dress the earth with flowing gown
All the sparkles of this rain
Can release some peace or pain

Stormy weather clouds this day
Coloring skies in dismal way
Though its grayish and so dim
Every raindrop can speak of Him..

While the clouds are dark and grey
Sombering shades make up the way
So that the traveler has to slow
Or the consequences come to know..

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Today, would you ...

Today would you be that smile that hope for some unknown other
Would you reach out to a stranger like your own sister or your brother
Would you be that ray of sunshine and that spark of hope and love
For someone else so unsuspecting, struggling to rise above

Would you need that flash of cameras that can give some sudden fame
Or would you be so truly humble as to keep hidden your own name
The day is still bright and early and the opportunities are all there
Would you go forward to find some recipient of your own unlimited care?

Step outside then this early morning with your resolution firm in mind
Go seeking out with good intention: the neediest  situation find
Without the need for any fan fare or some author to write and tell
Go do your deeds with  kindness and watch what the heart will well

Friday, August 28, 2015

in this stillness...

In this moment, in this ever evolving segment of time
Fully loaded with inspiration and soundings so sublime
Hear the voiceless they're singing out their simple melody
Countless angels serenading the whole of humanity..

In this silence, in these shadowy hours before the rising sun
Something's happening the entire universe is being redone
With the dew drops that are falling down like mana from the sky
Transforming dullness into something sparkly for you and I

Can you hear it the immensity of quietness filling up the air
Have you felt it the Eternity of Divineness that is everywhere
Only inside this stillness this ever evolving moment of time
Can you feel this intensity of interacting with the Great Divine

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What wonders unseen

Catch all the raindrops and hold them in your hand
Each one is disappearing, it's hard to understand
That once they have fallen and landed on the ground
Their mission is ended they're nowhere to be found

Breathe in the universe's breath of fresh air
The atoms and molecules are echoing God's care
Without ever seeing them creating the breeze:
The oxygen and hydrogen are ready to please...

The hands of the Omnipotent is orchestrating all:
Encouraging, uplifting: the great and the small
From morning to evening and in the quietness of night
The wish of the Creator is to give us delight.....

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Broken people passed by us

Broken people passed by us
We were too busy..too much fuss
They went on searching here and there
Is there anyone to really care..?

"We are all already in the light...??
See our Halo? Is it alright??.
Think we've done the most we can
What were you saying about that man??.."

Sometimes we've lost the love it's true
Though we claim: it's  what we do
Proof is in the one who's waiting
For some hope while we're debating..

It's time to look  at who we are
What we've been doing up to this far
Have we've begun to examine or see
That mission is nothing without charity?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Farewell Cliff

For our dear NAMI Durham member Cliff Brandt...RIP

Farewell dear Mr. Clifton . You were a very good man
You gave your life to many and did the best you can
Though times you had your sorrows, you tried to keep a smile
Now you can rest from worries and be with your mom awhile

The people who knew your kindness will miss you it is true
And though you had your troubles your had your blessings too
Ready to be the helper and the doer of many good deeds
You stretched your hands out freely to help with other's needs

A member of NAMI Durham and a champion of "the walk"
You gave yourself completely you were for us a rock
Sometimes you had your struggles but you also has your smile
You will be missed  most surely...enjoy your peace with style

The Inner Call

When it was evening I could hear you, your crying
Tear drops were flowing and quickly multiplying
Something so terrible was wounding you so deep
That it robbed you of calmness and robbed you of sleep

I wanted to say something but how could I ever say
That I heard you, your sighing, though you were miles away?
Wouldn't I seem so foolish or a bit out of my head?
I chose to keep this silent  and prayed for you instead

How can one ever  hide this,  this gift of  inner seeing
It's inwardly challenging and from it there's no fleeing
The Omnipotent, the Immortal has given to us all
Our inward assignments and the people who will call..

Sunday, August 23, 2015

With words we cannot hear

I looked outside my window to see what I can see
And a row of mighty pine trees were staring back at me
Reaching out so nobly and touching air and sky:
Each of them were whispering  words for you and I

Not the kind were use to; where, we can audibly hear
The consonants and syllables echoing in our ear;
But, rather the spirit language: universal as can be
Riding through the breezes to instruct both  you and me

This language of the universe,the very first of all:
Cries out from rocks and mountains and from the plants so small
It speaks through all the streamlets and from places everywhere
To let us know we're valued and in the Great One's care

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Would you have love?

In this moment and in this hour
So much mystery, so much power
Slowly opening, slowly being
Past and present or not yet seeing

In the dew drops or in the rain
Dancing lightly or like a train
Carrying cargo precious jewels
For the heart where charity rules

See it vaguely or in full bloom;
It all depends where it finds room.
Love is is kind
Never found in the selfish mind..

Would you have it or would you not?
All depends on what you've got..
Are you selfish or are you free?
When you're giving what do you see?

Who is your enemy and who is loved?
Do you feel powerful when you've shoved
Someone weaker or someone poor:
Pleading mercy outside your door?

Something challenging in this rhyme
Makes you think you have no time
For this rambling without real order
From a poet in her disorder...

Friday, August 21, 2015

Allow yourself this silence...

Oh the sound of nothingness piercing the break of day
Creatively it is inspiring and carving out a way
For the poet and the writer, the artist of any kind
To splash around some colors and create for human kind

Thus we see the sculptor and artist with brush in hand
Transforming the rock and canvas; enabling it to expand
Beyond the boundaries of appearance into the great unknown
Where beauty can find its meaning and messages can be sown

So it is for you to be silent and to be still inside your mind
So that the Great Inspirer can enable you to find
The talent that you are harboring and the courage to let it show
Inside a world so hungry for the things that you only know

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Seeing what cannot be seen

Hold onto the atoms that are riding in the breeze
Count up all the dew drops that brighten up the trees
Ponder over the mysteriousness of every  morning sun
Providence is providing for everything and everyone..

Listen to the silences that are serenading the hour
Hear how the Omnipotent is shouting from every flower
In everything and  everywhere the Eternal One Divine
Is radiating and enabling everything to have a shine.

When you see the sunlight  and it's opening up each day
What is it, that you are thinking.. do you kneel to pray
Are you moved to awesomeness or motivated to speak
In the early hours of morning.. what is it that you seek?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Heaven is true

In all of the breezes that move through the trees
Are all of the secrets that nobody sees
And in all of the whisperings that ride through the wind
Are wisdom and wonder and divinity within

We have only to listen and we have only to look
At all of creation, it's an  ongoing book
For without the need for pages or papers in  a ream
It communicates most clearly you know what I mean?

The colors, the textures, the elements that glow
Speak to us something, we're needing to know
The plant life, the animals, the unbreathing too
Are whispering in unison that Heaven is true

(Allah in the Muslim faith is same as saying "God".beautiful music)

Monday, August 17, 2015

While earth was still slumbering

I heard the silence that spoke through the air
Whispering the echoes of most awesome care
Sounds of the angels and sounds of The Divine
Were touching creation and this heart of mine.

I felt the Creator in the earliest of moments
Embracing my spirit with intentional slowness
Breathing the life breath and making the scene
Of Providence in action.. do you know what I mean?

While earth was still slumbering in moments so still
Dew drops were descending and carrying God's Will
Splashing on everything and speaking no word
Creation would be awakened by voices unheard

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Something to think about...

Close your eyes and close your mind
Silence your soul and leave fears behind
Explore the moment and explore the  time
That creates the poet and creates the rhyme

Touch the cosmos and reach the stars
Embrace the One who can erase the scars
Hear the angels and hear their song
This journey is passing it won't be long

Each day is busy and each day's unique
Sometime you'll wonder, sometime's you'll speak
In the moments, in the hours and the time passing by
You'll laugh and you'll love and you might even cry

One thing is important and one thing alone
How are you using the Love you've been shown?
For others or  for self  or for the glory of God..
We'll all give an account of the road that we trod.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

What we should share

Open up those curtains and look out and see
Beauty and wonder are displayed magically
Quiet is the aura and radiant is the sun
That warms and enables the growth of everyone

Hear it, the echoing; and taste all the dew
Sweetness from Heaven is surrounding me and you
Contemplate the silence that opens up each day
Nothing is ever spoken but everything can say:

Listen to us carefully.hear with inner ear
Wisdom is shouting out for everyone to hear
Not with the noisyness or the whirlwind of rush
But with  the tenderness of a tiny baby's touch

See it and hear it and sense it everywhere
The Spirit is moving and wanting us to share
The secretness, the wonder. the aweness of each day
These are the stories that we should really say