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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Your moment to shine

This moment is now the moment for everything else to begin
Don't let it pass you by or escape you for it may not come by again
Make the most of it and do cherish it and anchor it in your heart
This is the moment of all the moments and you mus not let it depart...

The temptation to let it pass you is so enormously so great
But it's not a time to be stalling or the time to hesitate
Embrace it at its fullest and trust it will work out some how
This moment can be the best moment; you need to embrace it right now

Distractions are the destroyers of the opportunities come you way
This isn't the time to be losing it: this is your brand new day
Take it all in and let it become the inspiration of your mind
You'll  always recall this moment: don't let it leave you behind..

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