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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

You'll break me no more...

You broke me once again despite my feeble attempt
I brought you an olive branch and you held me in contempt
Despite the Christmas season and despite this time of love
You responded with words so selfish, saddened the Heavens above

Should I have reached out to you or left you as you were?
The balances were leaning heavily "do not reach out to her"
But despite those inner warnings and the fears I held inside
I broke down all of my defenses and one more time I tried..

But you oh mom wouldn't have it and you took yet another punch
You denied my very existence; gave me indigestion for my lunch
I don't know what religion would excuse it but it isn't the one I know
For the God I know is all loving and now I am letting you go..

Somewhere in all of my readings I read about leaving the place
That wouldn't "welcome or receive you": for it's very dust is a disgrace
So I am shaking off the very last remnants the very particles of over there
And embracing for me another family one that will really really care.

I hand you over to all  the angels and to the spirits of all the just
And pray that you'll find the visions that'll help you to see as you must
You've been so blind and deceitful and so very cruel in what you do
The  majority of all our family don't know what I suffered from you....

I was always the quietest of all sufferers the one holding it all inside
But now I am going to shout it out loudly every thing I was made to hide
No more is the naming of some religion going to push me away in  disgrace
But rather, the name of the Great Father will encourage me in my place.

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