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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Twas some weeks before Christmas

Twas some weeks before Christmas and all through the land
People were shopping for product and brand
Pushing and shoving and browsing the store
Chaos and chatter and laughter and more..

Lightings and fixtures and toys yes siree
Something for gramma and baby and me
Tinsels and garlands and colorful balls
"Look at these items", some passerby calls

Buggies and baskets, all  filling up fast
Shelves becoming empty.. this shopping can't last?
But lo at a distance a couple miles down
A truck carrying goodies lets out a loud sound

We know its the items the things for the store
So shelves can be stocked up and filled up once more
Shopping can continue, the dollars can fly
We'll have all our goodies...  our bills multiply

But when its all over and the garland is down
We take a quick gander at the things all around
The buying and the sharing and the moment of glee
Will all become memories like the old Christmas tree

So if it's  about buying and having of stuff
We'll find ourselves empty and not have enough
But if it is about memories and the moments of time
We find ourselves characters in some ole Christmas rhyme..

For  it is more about giving then the getting of things
That this season is celebrated and to everyone clings
In the heart of all creatures and the universe around
Each Christmas is a memory and a tradition  profound...

It started so long ago in a stable so small
It came to us as a Baby in a Bethlehem stall
The giving of something was replacing a Son
Who was given by the Father to each and everyone

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