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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Take time to notice it...

Oh the early morning soundings, do you  hear them as they start:
The birds and all the creatures: how they're singing from the heart?
All  the plants and all the meadows;  all the trees so straight and tall
Are calling out to us with their music, and wanting to share with all

We have only to open up and listen to the breezes and the wind
To appreciate all of their molecules,  the secrets they hold within
But too often we can not be bothered or even take the time to see
The beautiful-ness of creation and all of its intricate  symphony

Every particle and every element, every animal and every plant
Has a booster deep down inside it: able to remove our every  "I can't"
For the mysterious-ness in the created is the remedy for all our "whys"
We have only to take time to notice it, the answer  before our eyes..

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