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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Not everyone can "deck the halls...."

During this time when all may celebrate
Many may be struggling and many may be irate
Over the hurts and the memories from many a year
Some may still be healing and feeling some fear

So be sensitive and welcoming in all that you do
Not everyone can be comfortable and happy as you
Some will find festivities and holidays and cheer
To be triggering and painful and toxic: it's clear

So decking the halls with the singing and the glee
May be part of the holidays as everyone can see
But not everyone can do this and  not everyone can be
Happy and joyful because of they're  history....

So let's make it our mission and resolution to see
That everyone we encounter is as comfortable as can be
With sensitivity and carefulness and hearts full of love
Let us reach out to each person with sensitivity from above

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