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Saturday, December 20, 2014

No place for a child....

This is not about me but another

Glistening diamonds on her cheek
She's so frightened cannot speak
Mom and dad are at it again
This all starts the hurts within

Mom is always the busiest bee
And dad  comes home upset, angry
Both them growl and rarely talk;
Shout and scream..then.take a walk

The saddest thing about this all
Is how this anger began to fall
On little ones with angry slaps
Violent words and swinging straps

Many a home  is just like this
Appearing  so perfect, so full of bliss
But behind the walls so sturdy so strong
Great dysfunction and great great wrong.

What's the remedy and what's the way
To curb the tempers and brighten the day?
Lessen the growling and lessen the fear
Increase the talking and increase the "dear"

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