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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Is it okay to cry out all of my tears

Is it okay to cry out all of my tears
And tell all the world of my most painful years
Is it okay to heal and to also grieve
Over things I've missed out on and didn't receive.

Sure it's okay and it's so therapeutic too
To let go of those heartaches that are burdening you

Is it okay to be expecting some sort of apology
From those who were hurtful and abusive towards me
Is it really okay  to  seek for and  to  believe
Someone will formulate the words I hoping to receive

It's okay to be hopeful but be realistic and true
If they don't come apologizing: it's no about you..

Is it okay to not be returning back to that place
Where nightmares were happening all over my space
Is it okay  not to be there and would the good God be mad
If I choose not to return there would He think I am bad...?

Our God is all loving and not a monster some have made
Despite all of the opinions He's All  Love and Kindness displayed

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