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Sunday, December 21, 2014

In a stable, tiny stable....

In a stable,  tiny stable, little animals everywhere...
Watched a mother, precious mother: lay a Babe with gentlest care
Who's this Baby,  precious Baby ...that they lay Him in the cold?
Where's the blankets; where the bedding?  Here' a story to be told,,,

Stars are dancing, angels singing; but, this Babe: He's doesn't wake
Soundly sleeping soundly resting while His watchful parents gravitate
Round His bundle, round His cradle:  like Some Treasure so Divine
What's their secret, what's their reasoning? All the world will mark this time..

Many a traveler and many a ruler will come to know about This Child
For His history and His message will prompt the curious and the mild
To seek for answers, to seek for reasons: God Almighty in forms of man?
Who can challenge it who explain it's the Christmas mystery and plan

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