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Saturday, December 13, 2014

I wept and cried my childhood through...

They didn't even give me a chance to be a little child
Their hands were always hurtful and their words were ever wild
I wept and cried my childhood through and when I was finally of age
I ran from the place they called my home and turned another page..

Sometimes I wondered when I was alone if everyone had to hurt
If everyone  born a baby child  felt like they were only dirt
There's something about the way I lived and the way I was made to be
That made me think I wasn't a human and was  some sort of commodity..

I don't think I knew back then the wrongness of  the things I saw..
That being hurt and beat so much wasn't  something unusual at all
Somehow I thought that us littlest ones were born to simply be
Whatever the adults in our lives decided and mine was.. misery..

I'm so glad I know so much better now and can relate to those who've  cried
Beneath the covers or pillow fluffs in attempt to courageously hide
The sounds of fear and helplessness in a home so full of hate
I am here to say I've survived it all and my healing is beginning, but late..

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