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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

God goes where there is room

There wasn't any room for those travelers from out of town
They knocked on every door post but no welcome was ever found
They went outside the village, to a small inkeepers place
He hadn't any room ; but he offered the only available space:

A stable with some hay bundles and some animals all around
The lodging wasn't a five star, their beds were on  the ground
There wasn't any linens or any place to wash and bathe...
The Savior of  = the world was born inside a dusty cave

The parents Mary and Joseph gathered up  the sprinklets of  hay
And pushed them into the manger where the little newborn would lay
It wasn't too long afterwards that the Mother Mary was giving birth
And all of the Heavens were singing of God's presence here on earth..

Isn't it really something how the good God from way up above
Would chosen to show us, His Creature, the enormity of His love?
It wasn't with any great grandiosity or trumpet blasts of any kind
That He chose to show His care for us: it's so baffling to our mind

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