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Friday, December 12, 2014

From broken to whole

Oh the brokenness she carried inside her wounded and broken heart
Never could she  understand it: that these things wouldn't ever depart
The memories and all the flashbacks and the most painful times galore
Kept coming back inside to bother her with visions so brutal and sore

She tried so hard to hide them these stressors that would  create
Mountains of untimely distractions that would hinder and aggravate
But the more she tried to hide them the larger they would become
Inside  her secret caverns until finally they would overrun

Into her many actions and throughout the processes of her mind
Till she found it too hard to go forward and was constantly left behind
Because she couldn't bring herself to healing or be opened enough to see
That the releasing of these memories would be the beginning of being free

So she stumbled around with her emotions and with all of her constant fear
Until someone came into her life space and helped her to see things clear
There was an unburdening of her being with that angel and  prudent guide
And now she's  able to open up  to wholeness by the revelation of what's inside

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