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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Who we are...

We cannot erase a single part of our own history
Though we may deny it and pretend that we cannot see
How much it is a part of us, and our own reality;
It remains as it is : our own path and our own destiny

There may be parts of it we won't want to linger in
When the memories come out and start to replay again
But the strongest of the voices from way back when
Will speak out the loudest about everything that has been

So we must take notice of these visitors from the past
How long they will linger and how long they will last..
What is their message and what do they continue to blast
In the secret recesses of our own inescapable past..?

Once we have heard them and know  what they are saying
We can react to them and everything they keep replaying
Is it some sore spot, some reason for our delaying
Our lives and our actions and  our spirit's portraying

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