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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Listen up

Oh the blue skies, the majestic trees and the mighty big breezes:
Each  of them is speaking out whatever the good God pleases
Whispering out and shouting out and displaying all of their emotion
The universe is  toppling over our Godlessness and false notion.

The Infinite One, the Eternal One, the Everlasting One:  Almighty
Is inviting us and challenging us to start making Him a Priority
Shaking up and spilling over   the mountains that are all about us
The Uncreated and the Creative One is stirring a catastrophic fuss.

Listen up and still yourselves and take notice of the new's cast
Tragedy and destructiveness are after this world that cannot last
Something in us will have to change or the universe will crumble
Who of us will be courageous enough to pick up the ones who stumble?

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