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Monday, November 10, 2014

Keep up your peace now

Keep up your peace now
don't let anything ever discourage you
The world is just a temporary place
that each of us is just passing through
And the things that keep on challenging you
and upsetting the majority of us
Are not worthy of any of those moments
of our unrestrained and unchecked fuss

Hold onto your calmness now
and onto your courageous spirit of  tranquility
Though everything may be moving around you
with such a motion of apparent calamity
You are not that restlessness of energy
or  discouragement that you happen to  see
But rather you are  that hopefulness
and that delight of all of the Divinity.

Stay inside of your own aura now and
inside of  your own unblemished space of bliss
For though all the Heavens may light up
and all the world may  know of Satan's kiss
You will be protected from and shielded from
the worst that  there can ever be
For you are the  beloved one and you are
the sweetest child of the Deity..

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