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Sunday, November 23, 2014

If you cannot show me love....

Don't preach to me of holiness if you cannot show me your love
Don't  tell me you're a Christian and then sadden the Heavens above
So much time and so much money is wasted in  so many spaces
Where people gather to sing and shout but aren't anywhere in God's graces

With all of the churches and all of the temples all over the road we trod
You'd think we'd see the transforming effect of a people in love with a God
But instead we're seeing the rivalry effect of those who are claiming to  believe
And the majority of these, the believing ones, have people they won't receive

It all so very confusing, you know: the messages they're willing to share:
The love of neighbor, the love of enemies and the "love" is everywhere....
But let there come the lesbian  one the gay one  or even  the "freak"
And the love of God of which they preach is silenced: they cannot speak...

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