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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

i can only be me

It's the best I can do .. is be me...For many years I tried to be something everyone wanted... How did that work out? It didn't.. I failed to make everyone happy and surely, I couldn't be happy.. as it wasn't me.  it was who I thought I had to be.. It was a terrible struggle..lots of acrobats.. Why was I trying so hard? Well, seems that's how we are brought up: trying to impress..Trying to be the best..Very rare you hear: "just be you" ..Instead " why didn't you do this " Why didn't you do that" "you should have done..". Our world is all about competing.. so if we are always in a race trying to outdo the other.. we have no time just trying to be ourselves .. no time to enjoy our own uniqueness and own individuality...It's really a break through. Stepping outside the idea that I have to compete or be better than this person or that.  I only need be better than myself when  I am at my worst. When I am at my best. I am there...

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