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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How the rain feels inside...

I hear the rhythmic sound of rain falling upon the ground
How soothing and refreshing is this pitter-pattering sound
The skies are dark and grayish and the clouds cover up the sun
But all the world's a beneficiary of this splashing that is done

I see the scampering squirrels running about the pouring rain
Nothing about this downpour seems to be causing them any pain..
Rather they seem so playful and they're jumping about with grace
I wonder what they're thinking as they scamper from place to place?

Only we can choose our actions on a day that's rainy like this..
We can choose to see the cloudiness or experience it like a kiss
Given us from the Heavens and touching our souls  inside....
The beauty of each moment is not dependent on the world outside..

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