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Saturday, November 29, 2014

What are these bruises?.

Don't stay in an abusive situation

What are those bruises you have on your skin:
Shades of dark colors on your eyes and within?
Why is it you're limping and refusing to smile?
Come sit here and talk to me; rest here awhile..

Your glowing bright smile, has been turned upside down.
You walk with a stagger, as you go through the town.
Your friends, you once visited, have seen you no more:
You come into a gathering and you gaze at the floor....

You tell're struggling.. to hide all that pain
The abuse and the torment are  creating such a strain
On your efforts to manage your day to day life
You've become someone's victim instead of his wife

The doors, here,  are wide open to receive you away
From the outrage and tempers that happen each day
But you have to be ready and  willing to leave
You're not that poor helpless one: you have to believe...

Call for help:


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